Author: Rolando Morales

Iowa Knights of Columbus donates towards New Travel Bus!

Paul Lee State Secretary from the Iowa Knights of Columbus met our Travelers at the Waterloo Bucks Game! The Iowa Knights of Columbus donated towards our new Travel Bus! Thank you Knights of Columbus!! For more information on how to donate towards our bigger, better, travel bus contact the travel team,

Courageous Travels: WWE Adventure Trip

Let’s get ready to Rumble!!! The travelers are heading to WWE events this weekend and they are pumped up!! Check-out the blog and see all the fun we are having cheering on our favorite wrestling stars!

Courageous Travels: Akers Cattle Ranch Trip

The Courageous Travelers are heading to Merkel and Abilene Texas!! These cowboys and cowgirls are touring the Texas country side. Our friends the Akers are welcoming us to their Ranch to show us the ways of Cattle ranching. Check out all the fun we are having in the Great State of Texas…