Author: ccoi

Richtsmeier Donation

Richtsmeiers deliver for items for campers

Years ago Larry Richtsmeier’s dad (Dutch) began making wooden toys for the Lion’s Vision Impaired Week. Dutch made thousands of handmade wooden toys over a 15 year span. Now for about the past 10...

Janann Wolf

Camp Courageous remembers Janann Wolf

Janann Wolf, 83, of Dubuque, recently passed. She asked that her memorials go to Camp Courageous. We go back 45-years. Janann and her husband, Bob, were great supporters of Camp Courageous for decades and...

Norm Hinrichs

Camp saddened by loss of Norm Hinrichs

Norm Hinrichs, 90, of Monticello has passed away. Along with his wife, Betty, they seldom missed a camp breakfast or camp event. Norm was instrumental, back in the early 80s, in obtaining camp’s first...