Mabel Kremer and family celebrate her 94th birthday with visit to Camp Courageous

Mabel Kremer and Family

Mabel Kremer of rural Prairieburg IA celebrated her 94th-birthday on April 28 by coming coming to camp and riding in the CUBS car on the new railroad. Mabel has been involved with about every major project at camp, since the building of the Lodge in 1990, when she donated micro-waves for the kitchen. Then came pool blocks for everyone in her family, down to great-grand children. She has a room in Beckwith Dorm, and has supported the train, office, and remodeling of the multipurpose building. Mabel takes one-day-at-a-time.

Mabel is in the front in blue, with family, Shela Marchus, Joe Marchus, Mary Kremer, Tom Kremer, Don Stadtmiller and JoAnn Stadtmiller…4-generations! Mabel’s greatest asset is her tremendous family, who follow were in Mabel’s footsteps of kindness.