Camper Bill “BJ” Fifer

It was great to see camper Bill Fifer (known to counselors as “BJ”) at camp in late May of this year. He was back for his sixth straight summer week-long attendance at Camp Courageous. Last year, BJ attended in late October and he provided several photos from his own camera to the camp that he took during his week for use on the web site. For one reason or another, the photos didn’t get included. This year, BJ said he’d send photos again and was told they’d get online if he did so.

Unfortunately, after sending ten photos a day, for several days, through email, his photos were lost during a computer upgrade. After contacting BJ through his group home, he was able to burn his photos onto a CD and send them to the camp. They have now been uploaded to the camp’s web site and can be viewed here.

It’s great to see a camper week through the eyes of someone experiencing it, and that is what BJ’s photos represent. Like many campers, BJ really enjoys his time at camp. It was no surprise that he received the “Great Helper” award during his stay.

Sorry it took so long to get them online, but hopefully the wait was worth it. Thanks BJ!!