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Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!

The travel group has made it to Chicago!!! The travelers are super excited to be in Chicago, especially the weekend after the Cubs won the World Series! We had quick check ins in Coralville and Marion before we headed back to Monticello to pick up one more traveler and three volunteers. Then we were off to Davenport, where we picked up the last three travelers. We had dinner at Culver’s while we were in Davenport. After a great meal we hopped back on the bus and continued our drive to our hotel in Boilingbrook, IL. Everyone is resting up for our big day in Chicago tomorrow!!


Day 2



Hello Camp Courageous!!


The Travel Group had a blast in Chicago today!! IMG_1722After a delicious breakfast at the hotel we headed to the city. Our first stop of the day was Navy Pier. IMG_1709


We took some pictures along Lake Michigan before we checked out the souvenir shops.IMG_1717 The travelers LOVE shopping and this was the highlight of their day for travelers Linda Craig and Mary Ellen Webster, of Davenport.IMG_1712

Our next stop was lunch at Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch. IMG_1730


IMG_8871This was a great restaurant on the 7th floor of the Water Tower Place building. The food was delicious!!!


After lunch we went across the hall to explore the Chicago Sports Museum. IMG_1734This museum was a lot of fun and very interactive! We learned how pitchers hold baseballs to throw sliders and curve balls. IMG_1741

At the Chicago Sports Museum the travelers got to test their jumping skills, reaction time and hand grip strength. IMG_1752They also got to compare their wing span to that of Scottie Pippen and their hand size to basketball greats such as Michael Jordon.IMG_1753 There was also a replica of the biggest Super Bowl ring ever made (size 28!!) that traveler Linda Craig tried on!



In another room, there were a variety of giant screens you could stand in front of and it made it seem you were participating right in the game!IMG_8872 You could choose from baseball, football, hockey and basketball!IMG_8873 Everyone loved trying to score points on these games! First time traveler, Keith Novak of Cedar Rapids did a fantastic job hitting hockey pucks and traveler Jill Michalek, of Coralville scored a lot of points throwing footballs.IMG_8881

In the last room of the museum there were many cases of memorabilia from all of Chicago’s sports teams as well as information about different curses and superstitions surrounding Chicago sports. One curse that caught our eyes was one surrounding a foul ball from Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series. IMG_8858The Cubs were leading 3-0 in the 8th inning when a foul ball was deflected from a fan before the outfielder could catch it. After that the Cubs defense fell apart and the Marlins came back to score 8 runs to win the Championship. The ball appeared two months later and was auctioned off and eventually destroyed in hopes of breaking the curse. Well, I guess that curse is officially broken!IMG_8882

Our last activity of the day was Lincoln Park Zoo.IMG_8870 We split up into our groups and went to find our favorite animals. IMG_1795We saw apes, zebras, camels and lions to name a few. Traveler, Laurie Ruth of Coralville said she loves zoo and getting to see all of the different animals.IMG_1815IMG_1820 After a quick stop at the gift shop we made our way back to Boilingbrook where we had dinner at Cheddar’s, which was right next door to our hotel.IMG_1816 IMG_1818Everyone is resting up for our last day in Chicago tomorrow! Good thing we get an extra hour of sleep tonight!IMG_1817


Day 3

Good Evening Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group had another fantastic day in Chicago!! The weather this weekend was beautiful!

After another delicious breakfast at our hotel we headed downtown to Shedd Aquarium. We split up into our groups and started exploring! We saw all kinds of sea life such as sea horses, turtles, frogs, lizards, otters, sharks and penguins!

There were exhibits that showcased sea life from oceans, the Great Lakes and rivers. We learned about which sea life lived in the different bodies of water and what they typically ate.

Some groups got to touch some sea life creatures too! Travelers Linda Craig and Susan Heiens got to touch sturgeons! These ladies loved the experience! Susan said she was surprised at how soft they felt! Traveler Keith Novak got to touch star fish!

After a fun morning of exploring, we had lunch at the aquarium’s Bubble Net Cafe. When asked how they felt about their time visiting the aquarium, travelers Andrew Loggins and Linda Craig gave us two thumbs up!

Our next stop was Solider Field, home of the Chicago Bears Football Team! Travelers shopped for their favorite Bears merchandise and we took some pictures outside of the stadium.

On our drive back, we stopped for dinner at the Pizza Ranch in Bettendorf, IA. Everyone had been looking forward to the delicious pizza and chicken! Three travelers were picked up at this location after dinner. Then we made our way to Coalville, IA where we dropped off 4 travelers and then on to Marion, IA where 7 travelers were dropped off. Our last traveler was dropped off at Camp. Everyone made it home safely.

Thanks to our great group of volunteers – Carolyn, Dayna, Katie and Carissa for a fantastic weekend!