Indianapolis, IN Trip

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Day 1

The Travel Group has made it to our hotel in Carmel, IN!!  We started off the day with a fast check in at camp. Thanks to Sharon for a quick check in. Our next stop was Coralville, IA where we picked up 6 travelers. Our last check in was in Walcott, IA where we picked up the last 4 travelers. After everyone was settled we began the drive to Indiana. The drive was great, not a lot of traffic or construction so we made pretty good time. The traveler’s really enjoyed listening to Christmas music during our drive!! We stopped for dinner along the way at Arby’s before continuing our drive. We arrived at our hotel at about 10pm (EST). Everyone is settled in their rooms and resting up for our fun filled day in Indianapolis!!

Day 2

The Travel Group had a fabulous day in Indianapolis!! After a delicious breakfast at our hotel we made our way to the Indianapolis Speedway Museum. IMG_2024The Travelers were super excited to see all of the fancy cars! IMG_2052They were in the middle of changing displays to get ready for the bicentennial so the museum wasn’t as full as normally but everyone still had a great time! IMG_2035We split up into our groups and explored all of the the cars and racing memorabilia. IMG_2050There was a video about NASCAR and there was even a cool race car that you could sit in. Most everyone sat in the car or posed near by.IMG_2046IMG_2045IMG_2043 This museum was a hit! Travelers, Afton Proudfit and Darlene Cavin said this was their favorite activity of the day!IMG_2051

After we visited the gift shop we made our way to lunch at Mug N Bun, a famous drive-in restaurant in Indianapolis. IMG_2053They also had an indoor seating area so we enjoyed our lunch inside. This place is known for their root beer so a lot of the group had to give it a try. IMG_2060They all said it was delicious! This weekend we had two birthdays, Terry Hagedorn’s birthday was Friday and first time traveler, Brian Slade’s birthday was today!IMG_2064 We celebrated by singing “Happy Birthday” to them and having dessert! Terry had been looking forward to his birthday ice cream!IMG_2059
Our next stop of the day was the Indiana State Museum. Once again we split up into our groups and checked out all of the exhibits. IMG_2065There were exhibits showcasing artifacts relating to the  geography, geology and archeology of Indiana. IMG_2081IMG_2074Some displays had different types of animals native to Indiana and others showed the progression of roads and covered wagons in Indiana. IMG_2066Traveler Phillip Mitchell said seeing the Civil War artifacts was his favorite part of the day.IMG_2504 IMG_2071 We ended our time at the museum with shopping, of course!IMG_2069
We then made our way next door to the NCAA Hall of Champions.IMG_2099 The Hall of Champions has a lot of fun interactive exhibits! When we arrived we were treated by the staff and given a clipboard with a scavenger hunt!IMG_2084 Each group had to make their way around the building reading and learning about all 24 NCAA sports in order to answer all of the questions. Once they had all of the answers, they turned their paper in for a prize, a cool NCAA lanyard!IMG_2095 All of the groups successfully completed the scavenger hunt. We got to watch a short video about the history of the NCAA and then we made our way upstairs to have some fun in the arena.IMG_2560 There was a room with a couple basketball hoops. Travelers, Scott Zafft,  Brian Slade, David Miller and Daniel Ruttan showed off their skills.IMG_2525 There were also interactive screens where you could feel like you were playing baseball and basketball. The NCAA Hall of Champions was first time traveler, Eric Paulsen’s favorite activity!
We made our way across the street to TGI Friday’s for dinner. Everyone had worked up quite the appetite and were ready to eat! IMG_2102After a delicious meal we made our way back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Lights at the
Brickyard. IMG_2506Lights at the Brickyard is a 1.7 mile stretch of over 2,000,000+ lights in 400 displays! It was so cool! IMG_2505Not only did we see lots of beautiful Christmas lights, but we can now say that we have driven on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!! IMG_2353We listened to Christmas music as we drove around too! The displays included Santa and his reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees, Frosty the Snowman, different animals such as a moose, turtle and swan, construction vehicles, fairy tale characters and more! IMG_2507Everyone cheered after we completed the lap around the speedway!
We then headed back to the hotel to rest up for our last day in Indianapolis!

Day 3

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group has made it back from Indianapolis!! We had a fantastic weekend!IMG_2558 After breakfast at the hotel we made our way downtown to the Children’s Museum.IMG_2526 This museum is great! There was so many things to do! There were exhibits about space, dinosaurs, trains, Egyptian pharaoh’s, China and more!IMG_2517 Everyone had a great time exploring the museum. After some shopping and lunch at the museum we started our drive back to Iowa.
We ran into some snow shortly after we crossed the Illinois state line. The snow slowed us down a little but luckily it only lasted about an hour or two. We stopped in Davenport at Culver’s to grab some dinner to eat on the bus and to drop off 4 travelers. IMG_2528Our next stop was Coralville, where we dropped off 6 travelers. We made it back to camp a little before 8:30pm where the remained 4 travelers were dropped off.