Work in progress… the 2009 Camp Schedule

It has begun! Dates are being selected for the 2009 season at Camp Courageous of Iowa. It’s quite a process to work out the dates of all the camper weeks, weekends, trips, day-camps, and more for a year-round program. I know that many people are already looking forward to 2009, so here’s a run-down on how this process works…

Program staff have gotten together and plotted out all the camper dates.  Stephen Fasnacht works on the week-long camps and special camper events, such as dances. Shannon Poe works on the respite care weekends. Chris Delay arranges the travel program dates and locations.

All the dates get forwarded for layout into a four-page spread. It typically goes through a few revisions as it is proofed and dates are double-checked for conflicts. A final proof is produced and forwarded to the Camp Courageous Board of Directors for approval at their October meeting.

While the 2009 schedule is being designed, work will begin on the mailing well before the final draft is ready. About 4,500 envelopes will be labeled for postal mailing to guardians, facilities, and group homes. The Loyal Workers volunteer group from Stanwood, Iowa will once again be helping with this big task.

Once the final draft of the 2009 Camp Courageous Schedule is ready the printing process will begin. To keep turn-around time and quantities at a minimum, the schedule is printed at the camp. Over 4,000 copies will be printed, folded, and stuffed into envelopes for a mailing. There will also be a notification e-mailed to almost 500 addresses that have been provided to us that a copy is available for download. Everyone that has elected to receive a copy electronically is saving the camp printing and postage costs, which is much appreciated.

When will you get your 2009 schedule? It should be approved and ready for mailing by the week of November 3, 2008. Those electing to receive their copy by e-mail will receive it sooner. It will also be made available on the camp’s web site for download in PDF.

Can I switch my preference from “postal mailing” to “email” so I get my copy sooner and save the camp postage? Yes! Just send an email to and ask for the change. We’ll get your preference changed.

When are the date requests for the 2009 camping season? They are (all times are C.S.T.):

  • Adult Date Requests – 7:00 AM on Monday, December 1, 2008
  • Travel Date Requests – 7:00 AM on Monday, December 8, 2008
  • Youth Date Requests – 7:00 AM on Monday, January 5, 2009

Any changes for 2009 that I should know about? The hourly rate for 2009 is $3.40. Deposits are required to secure a camper’s placement. Mediations need to be prepackaged. More information about these will be included on the camp schedule and will be on the web site.