Charleston, South Carolina

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Day 1


Good Evening Camp Courageous,

Camp Courageous has a new round of travelers!IMG_0268 This time we are traveling to Charleston, South Carolina. It has been a great trip so far.IMG_0264 We had a number of pick-ups today. Traveler Katie Stephan met us at Camp Courageous.IMG_0266 Travelers Christopher Bradley, Christopher Johnson, Eric Nemmers, and Jane Ramm met us in Marion.IMG_0262 We picked up Joyce Murphy,Stephanie Goff, Jerry Seydel, and Charley Atkins in Coralville. IMG_0265Our final pick-up was at the Pizza Ranch in Bettendorf. Traveler Linda Kemp aka Grandma met us here. We even enjoyed some chicken and pizza while we picked her up.IMG_0263

After lunch, we made our way to Chicago Midway Airport. We arrived around 4pm. IMG_0269
The weather has been beautiful and we hate to leave this beautiful weather, but we know there is more to come in South Carolina.IMG_0271 We had dinner once we went through security. We are now waiting at our gate, ready to board our Southwest Flight.

IMG_0272We will be arriving at 11:15pm in Charleston, so once we get settled there, I will send a quick email that we arrived in Charleston and our hotel. Have a great night and thank you for the special thoughts and prayers.


Hello again! The group has made it to Charleston. We had a a wonderful guy, named Ross, pick us up. He was great with the group. We had a smooth drive to our hotel the Residence Inn. We are now in our rooms resting away. Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow we start our fun!

Day 2

Good Evening Camp Courageous,

The travel group has been busy! Even though we had a long night, the night before, we were so pumped for our first day in Charleston.DSCN0429 We had a change of plans on todays schedule. We were suppose to take a ride on a boat to explore the harbor, but the tour companies was having mechanical difficulties, so we rescheduled the tour for tomorrow and went to the Charleston Aquarium instead. DSCN0431
IMG_0282Which was fine, because we had that scheduled tomorrow, so it was an easy switch.
We made it to the aquarium and saw so many interesting sea life.DSCN0432
DSCN0437 From sharks, to turtles, to the sea creatures that live off the harbor of Charleston. IMG_0287
DSCN0434We even had a chance to see an Albino Alligator.IMG_0296
IMG_0300While we were viewing the Alligator, there was a gentlemen holding a baby alligator, so the travelers had a chance to pet this cute little Alligator. IMG_0303
IMG_0302We explored some more of the aquarium and then made our way to the gift shop. It was a nice visit.
After the aquarium, our driver picked us up and brought us to Patriots Point, the Home of The USS YorkTown! A US Aircraft carrier.IMG_3058 When we arrived, we had lunch waiting for us in the mess hall. IMG_0310
It was a ver delicious meal and the travelers were satisfied.IMG_0311
Once we were done eating, we toured the carrier.DSCN0443 It was a great tour, and it had a lot of places where it was accessible.DSCN0449
I was surprised how big the doors were for a wheelchair to enter.DSCN0460

But it worked and we had a chance to explore all of the carrier.DSCN0468
DSCN0472We saw where the shipmates cooked dinner, slept, where they had their shoes fixed and where they received dental care.DSCN0475

IMG_3065This carrier had everything and it was huge! The travelers really did have a fun time exploring this ship.
DSCN0481When we were done, we made our way to the gift shop, bought a few gifts and made our way to dinner.IMG_3070 After dinner we made our way back to the hotel, where we are now resting for the evening. IMG_3072Tomorrow we have two boat cruises. So it should be another great day exploring the harbor. IMG_3067
Have a great night!


Day 3

Good Evening Camp Courageous,

The travel group had another fun and exciting day in Charleston. It was a little colder today, then it was yesterday.IMG_0323 Which was very surprising. If you remember me stating yesterday, that we had to reschedule our boat tour for today.DSCN0493 So this morning, we had a blast hopping on the Charleston Harbor Tour boat.DSCN0492 It’s a good thing we brought our sweaters, since it can be a little chilly out on the ocean.IMG_0324 We toured the harbor and further out into the ocean. We passed a couple of Islands.IMG_0327 One was Ft. Sumter and Johnson Island. As we toured on this boat, we had some guests following us. IMG_0331We had a chance to see some bottlenose dolphins following us throughout our tour. IMG_0334It was pretty cool. IMG_0352The tour guide was very knowledgeable with the area, and the travelers loved guessing some of his trivia questions.
After the tour, we arrived back at the dock where lunch was waiting.IMG_0321 We ordered some subs from a nearby Deli location and they were pretty delicious.IMG_0322 This was a picnic lunch. After lunch, we made our way to the Fort Sumter visitor center, where we learned a little history about the Civil War at Fort Sumter.IMG_3082 After our short visit, we shopped at their gift shop and then was greeted by a nice volunteer, who is from Michigan but helping out at Fort Sumter.IMG_3080 He guided our group to another boat, where we boarded and listened to a narration of the area and more information about Fort Sumter.DSCN0494
DSCN0498The gentlemen was so friendly, he loved telling us the history about the Fort and telling us some key information that we would like to take part in. DSCN0503
Once we arrived at the island, we unloaded and made our way to the Fort.IMG_3081 It was pretty cool. If you see in some of the pictures (if you are on the blog, they are there).DSCN0504 It looks like there are wholes covered up. They have put bricks to cover those holes up, it help preserve the Fort from the elements. These holes were used to fire out cannons. There were tons of cannons at the fort. Traveler Jerry Seydel bet me that I couldn’t move it! DSCN0506I didn’t take that bet, but I tried anyways, and sure enough, I could not move it. Along our tour, we took part in a demonstration of our to load and shoot an old fashion civil war riffle. It was awesome! The sound was a little loud but the travelers really enjoyed seeing this demonstrated. DSCN0509
Towards the end of our stay at Fort Sumter, we had a chance to help lower some flags. Travelers Jerry Seydel, Charley Atkins, Christopher Bradley, and Christopher Johnson all had a chance to help the park ranger (who is from Springfield, IL) lower the flags. The travelers were honored to do so.
After our quick visit of Fort Sumter, we made it back to the boat, where we started our journey back to the visiter center. It was a quick trip back, and when we return, the group really wanted to take a picture with the park ranger, so she was happy to take a group picture with our Travelers. DSCN0513Before we knew it, our shuttle was waiting for us. We went straight to the restaurant, had a delicious meal from Hyman’s restaurant.IMG_0354 It was a great place that had HUGE servings. The people were really nice, catering us at every moment.IMG_0357
We even had the owner come by to talk to us. He was so happy that our group was at his restaurant, he was asking questions about how he could hire more individuals with disabilities. IMG_3083So Melissa and I talked to him about some ideas, and he was going to follow up and see what he could do. His nephew has Down Syndrome, who lives in Sweden, and he has a great job.IMG_3079 He is so ecstatic that he was ready to post things on his Facebook about hiring individuals with disabilities.
Once we were done with dinner, we took a stroll down the block, hopped back on our shuttle and headed to the hotel.IMG_3087 We are now sleeping way, since we have an early day tomorrow. IMG_3085Stay tuned to the two plantations we will be visiting tomorrow. IMG_0368


Day 4

Good Evening Camp Courageous,

Today was Plantation day! For most of us, we have never been to a Plantation. So seeing first hand what the Plantations were and are was an amazing experience.IMG_0371
The two Plantations we visited were the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens and the Charleston Tea Plantation. Each plantations was unique in it’s own way. IMG_0377
The Magnolia Plantation at one time had rice fields and the Charleston Tea Plantation is the only Tea Plantation in North America, that makes… Well you guessed it TEA!!IMG_3097

This morning we started off our Plantation tour with the Magnolia Plantation. When we arrived, Sharon the group manager met us and greeted us as our shuttle dropped us off. Sharon explained how to explore the Plantation and wished us a fun time.IMG_3100

The first thing we did was watch a 25 minute video of the history about the Magnolia Plantation. This plantation has been around for 300 years. It saw some hard times during and after the Civil War, but came back in full force as a very well known tourist attraction.IMG_3103 After the video, we made our way to the petting zoo, where we met some friendly animals. A deer named Gracie greeted us, she ran right up to us, not even afraid to say hi and wasn’t shy about eating some of our loose articles.DSCN0525 We saw some beautiful Pea Cocks, rabbit’s, turtles, a turkey (who came after me! If you saw the video on Facebook, I found out later it was because of my red shirt), and even a white squirrel!DSCN0530 Once we were done we made our way to our 45 minute Tram Ride with Tad. He was a nice guy from North Carolina, who knew a lot about the Planation.IMG_0380 He gave us a great tour and showed us a lot of the wild life on the tour. We saw up to 10 Alligators, about 5 turtles, and some beautiful birds. Did you know that Alligators eat turtles?IMG_0419 Well, these turtles were brave, because when we passed by to the see the alligators, there was some turtles resting by them!! CRAZY!!IMG_0426 But there was a reason. Alligators only eat at night. So they were pretty safe. Well, for now anyways.

ILGO9863It was a great tour, but when it ended, Tad dropped us off right where we wanted to be, the gift shop.DSCN0557 So we shopped for a little while, took a picture in front of the Plantation house and decided to take some “Senior” Pictures.DSCN0562 This place has a lot of wedding and high school graduate students that come out for photos. So we took some great pictures that could have been “Senior” Pictures :)!DSCN0555 After our photo shoot, we explored more of the trails and made our way to lunch.DSCN0550

It was such a beautiful day, so we ate outside.DSCN0552 Once we were done, it was time to get ready to leave, so we freshened up and waited for our driver Ross to pick us up.

DSCN0563Once Ross picked us up, we made our way to the Charleston Tea Plantation. If you love Tea, then you would probably have heard of American Classic Tea or BIGELOW TEA.DSCN0567 Thats where we visited. “Tea dates back some 4700 years to 2700 B.C.” Do you know where Tea Originated from. Give up? China! This was one of the many facts we learned when we arrived at the Tea Plantation. DSCN0568When we arrived, we were greeted by Mandy, a wonderful person who loved working at the Tea Plantation. She gave us some instructions and we began our tour on a trolley ride of the fields.DSCN0570 We saw tons and tons of tea bushes and received the best tour at the garden. Our tour guide Bob, did an excellent job. Bob told some great stories. And do you want to know what, Bob is a retired Camp Director! That’s right, a Camp out of Virginia. So you know he told great stories. DSCN0574He was really kind to our group, and you know what, a lot of people here in this great city, have been very nice to our people. After he showed us around and answered the great questions from Travelers, Jerry Seydel, Jane Ramm, and Christopher Johnson.DSCN0585 Bob took us back to the starting point, so the group could begin the factory tour. The factory tour was very fascinating. We watched a number of videos that explained the process of preparing the tea leaves. DSCN0586After our tour we then had a chance to taste a number of cold and hot tea, in the mean time shopping away. It was such a great experience.DSCN0592 The travelers really enjoyed taking the time to explore the Charleston Tea Plantation, but before we left, we took some pictures with the one and only Waddy. DSCN0597The mascot of the Tea Plantation.DSCN0598

DSCN0603We were done a little early, so Ross our driver, drove us back to downtown Charleston, where we ate dinner at California Dreaming and then we made our way to the hotel to rest for the night.DSCN0600 Traveler Katie Stephan had the opportunity to see some of her family members, so once we returned, Katie had time to spend time with her family.DSCN0602

We are now resting for the night. We have another day in store for us tomorrow. Our last day in Charleston.IMG_0435

Day 5

Good Evening Camp Courageous,

Well, it is the last day in Charleston and the travelers sure had a blast! Another weeklong trip is coming to an end and it sure was an awesome trip. IMG_0446We had so many memories here in Charleston, the travelers will surely have a lot to talk about when they get home from their trip.IMG_0454

Today we made our way to downtown Charleston, where we had the opportunity to take a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown.IMG_0459 I should correct my animal description, it was actually mules that were pulling our carriage.  Toast and Jam were their names and they were so good taking us around. The driver and tour guide, did a fantastic job telling us about the city and showing us the different types of churches(dominations) and historic houses. DSCN0615One of the history lessons he shared with us, was about the Charleston flag. It has a Palmetto Tree on it with a half moon. It use to be just a half moon, but the state added the Palmetto Tree, because this tree was very helpful in defending themselves from Britain. DSCN0611Britain brought tons of men to the Harbor of Charleston, and was ready to take it. The Charlestown, which was the name at the time, had a fort around it made of Palmetto tree.IMG_0462 When the Brits, fired their canons from the boats, the balls would push into the Palmetto Tree but wouldn’t break it. So the Charlestown people were able to fire back at the Brits and winning that war. This is why the Palmetto Tree is on the flag.

It was such a great tour, the travelers had a great time and thanked our driver. After our tour, we made our way through the Downtown Market. IMG_0464Where we had a chance to find so many wonderful gifts and souvenirs. After our shopping excursion, we had lunch, and took the free city bus to the Charleston History Museum. DSCN0639Here Ryn, a groups specialist, greeted us and took us on a tour through the museum.DSCN0617 We learned some more about the history of Charleston and why it was founded. Ryn showed us a lot of great artifacts, told us great stories, sang us a song, and even taught us how to load a cannon!DSCN0620 But don’t worry, we didn’t fire it off. Ryn showed us how popular and important growing rice and cotton were. She even took us through a Nature History exhibit, where we saw the different animals that lived in that area. DSCN0646We then did an activity with Ryn, that involved showing us different fossils. IMG_0470It was pretty cool.

DSCN0648At the end of our tour, Ryn, took us to another room, where we had the opportunity to see her shoot a dart from a pipe canon and had the opportunity to make some pottery.IMG_0474 The travelers had a great time making bowls and taking home these awesome artifacts.

IMG_0479After our visit, we thanked Ryn and made our way back downtown to Market Street, where we had dinner at the Crab Shack. We had some delicious crab and burgers! IMG_3107What a combination! After we were done, we made it back to the hotel on our free shuttle and now we are packing up and getting some rest. Since we have to be up really early tomorrow morning.

IMG_3109Tomorrow we fly out around 6:20am. We arrive in Chicago around 8:30am and head back to Iowa. Prayers and wishful thoughts are appreciated so the weather doesn’t affect our travels. IMG_3110We will then drop off in Davenport, Coralville, Marion and at Camp. Have a great night everyone and see you all tomorrow.IMG_3111


The CC Travelers

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  1. Sarah and Ron Nemmers says:

    Thank you Camp Courageous for taking photos during the camper trips. Eric being non-verbal has never been able to describe his trip activities, so it’s great seeing him and knowing what he did.

  2. Rolando Morales says:

    Eric was such a pleasure having on the trip!! Thank you for your comment!!