Savannah, GA Weeklong Road Trip

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Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group is on the move again! This time we are headed south to Savannah Georgia! We started the day bright and early at 6am! We picked up travelers from Camp, Marion, Coralville and Walcott. The drive went really well! For lunch we grabbed Subway to go and ate on the bus as we continued our drive. We watched a couple movies (Rush Hour, Sandlot and Oceans Eleven) and sang along to the radio along the way. We stopped to grab Arby’s for dinner and took it to go as well so we could continue making our way to Atlanta, GA where we are staying the night before continuing to Savannah in the morning. We arrived at the hotel around 9pm (CST). The campers are settled in resting away before we make our final drive to Savannah.


Camp Courageous Travel

Day 2

Good Evening Camp Courageous,

IMG_3336The travel group has made it to Savannah Georgia!! We left Atlanta around 8:30am and made our way to Savannah. It took about another 4 hours and we were in this hopping spring break city.IMG_3331 It was such a beautiful drive down. We stopped for the bathroom and then we stopped for lunch at Chick-fi-la (a southern speciality ;)!IMG_3330

After lunch, we made our way to our first activity. The place we visited is called the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. It is a nonprofit organization that serves and protects animals and provides environmental information to the public.IMG_0650 It was a pretty awesome Wildlife Center. When we arrived, we made our way to the gift shop, so we can buy our souvenirs and spend the rest of the time explore the grounds. Once we were done shopping we began our tour.IMG_0653 The building we were in had some snacks and fish on display along with some history about the center. We then made our way around the grounds. IMG_0664

IMG_3350It was such a beautiful day that it felt so good to be outside. Even though it Oatland is a Center, the majority of it’s animals are outside in there natural habitat. IMG_3354By the looks of it, the center built around what was already present on the property. IMG_0659They had a tons of marshes. In the marshes were the typical species, from alligators, turtles, snakes, and birds. The other animals that weren’t in the marshes, included wolfs, bison, deer, foxes, cougars, eagles, hawks, and other species.IMG_3363IMG_0656 It was a mile and half walk around the land and it was well worth it. The trails were pretty handicap accessible, except a couple of spots, but it was easy to get around. We just had to follow the trails.color trail map


We stayed until 4:45pm when the center closes for good. After we left, we made our way to Paul Dean’s: Lady and Sons restaurant.IMG_3352

IMG_0669 It is a well known restaurant do to the star Paul Dean. It was some good food, from a buffet to whatever you wanted to order on the menu.


IMG_0671After our meal, we made our way to our hotel. We checked in and made our way to the rooms. We got settled and all the travelers are resting away.IMG_3342 I’m sure they will sleep pretty good tonight after waking up early both days. Tomorrow we have a packed day ahead of us. Stay tuned to more fun from Savannah!IMG_3345




Camp Courageous Travel


Day 3

Good Evening Camp Courageous,

The Travel group had a blast in Savannah! We spent the entire day in downtown Savannah.IMG_0678
But we didn’t do a normal walk around the city. We had the opportunity to hop on a Old Town Trolley and learn about the history of the city.IMG_0688 I have always heard that Savannah is a beautiful city, well, they were were definitely right about that. This city is so full of life and gorgeous scenery. IMG_0712At every turn was something amazing to see and take pictures of. We learned about many movies that were filmed in the city and of course we learned about the many haunted houses that are in historic district. Forest Gump famous part “Life is like a box of Chocolate…” was filmed here and the Garden of Good and Evil was also filmed in the city.IMG_0696 As far as the haunted houses, did you know that the city is called “the city over the dead.” Well, it’s because most of the city was built on graveyards. IMG_0715How crazy is that?!?! Anyways, it was an excellent tour with tons to see. IMG_0723We also had the best tour guide, who loved to sing, dance, and loved hanging out with our group.

IMG_0727Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. So we made our way to lunch and then it was off to the First Girl Scouts Headquarters.IMG_0729 We were a tad early, so we walked along a park and relaxed on the grass. Before to long, it was time for our tour. So we went straight to the gift shop, bought some girl scout cookies and then learned about the First Girl Scouts. IMG_0724Did you know that Girl Scouts started making cookies right away, over a 100 years ago. They use to make them for the soldiers and sent them over seas.IMG_3381 The Girl Scouts also created the first S’more. Thank goodness for the Girl Scouts. They not only made food, but they learned how to fix, clean, and even take care of the families in the community they lived. At the end of the tour, we had the opportunity to watch an old fashion movie, that was in black and white and had no talking parts.IMG_3380 We made it entertaining for the group and they enjoyed watching the movie. The movie was actually suppose to be a commercial, but a longer commercial then our current TV commercials.


IMG_3382After our tour, we went across the street to St. John the Baptist Cathedral. We were in awe of the beautiful architecture along with some of the carvings and other amazing things to see. IMG_0734

IMG_0740When we arrived, we had a gentlemen greet us and tell us a little bit about the Cathedral. It was a nice visit and worth visiting.



IMG_0743Once we were done, we hopped back on the Old Town Trolley. Well, since we have 15 travelers, the company called in a special pick-up, so we could head right back to the Visitor Center. Once we arrived back to the center, we hopped on our bus and made our way to River Street. IMG_0747Here there are lots of shopping, restaurants and boat tours. We did some shopping and then made our way to the Riverboat dinner and cruise.IMG_0748

IMG_0753Since it was warm, it sure was nice taking a ride on this riverboat. We got on the boat, settled on the first floor and were served right away.IMG_0751

IMG_0755For our meal, we had a delicious buffet, which served vegges, Chicken, shrimp and grits, fish, and prime rib. You could get whatever you want and could go back for seconds. IMG_0757

IMG_0752Dessert was right around the corner and we had a choice between cheesecake and a toffee bar. The travelers tour it up!IMG_0759

IMG_0769On our boat tour, we ate, explored the decks, watched the sun set, and then danced the night away. The DJ was really good. IMG_0780

IMG_0784He loved to party and got all our campers on the dance floor. It was great! Traveler Mike Reilly danced continuously until the end of the cruise.IMG_3393


IMG_3406The cruise was 2 hours long and it went by to fast. We were back on land in no time. After our adventure, we made our way back to the hotel, where we are resting and getting ready for tomorrow!IMG_0776



Have a great night,


Camp Courageous Travel

Day 4


Good Evening Camp Courageous,



What a wonderful last day in Savannah, GA! We actually had fun on Tybee Island, GA. It is connected to Savannah and there is a lot of fun things to do.



IMG_0809The first thing we did this morning was visit the Light House and Museum. It was a hopping place, with tons of visitors wanting to climb to the top of the Light House.IMG_3418

IMG_3417 When we got to the museum, a gentlemen by the name of Art was waiting for us and excited to show us around. He took part of the group to go tour the different houses, that housed the old light house family and they watched a 15minute video about the light house.


IMG_3416The other part of the group, wanted to take the challenge and climb 178 stairs to the top of the light house!!IMG_0813


IMG_0812 We took it slow and steady and eventually this brave group made it up 178 stairs to see the beautiful scenery.IMG_3420


IMG_3421Traveler Cathy Jensen said it was well worth the climb. After we saw all the sights, we then made our way down the 178 steps!! WOW, that was a lot of steps, but the travelers did a fantastic job.


IMG_0823Once we were done, we made our way to a very delicious restaurant called the Crab Shack! It was a pretty cool place. When we arrived, our table was ready and we were sat down.IMG_3431

IMG_3433 Our waiter was a pretty cool guy, who has an uncle with a disability, so he actually requested our table. He treated our group very well and he showed us where they kept the alligators!! IMG_3434

IMG_0830That’s right, the Crab Shack as a TON of alligators that were all in hibernation, but they were still bathing in the sun. Patrons could usually feed them, but since the alligators are in hibernation, they weren’t eating.IMG_0839

IMG_0832 Before we knew it, we had our lunch in front of us and it was delicious!! The travelers had their favorite dish and were happy. I shared with travel volunteer Carolyn Rundle and we had this delicious platter of seafood! Crab legs, shrimp, potatoes, corn, clams, and crawfish (do you know how to eat crawfish?, well now I know how and it was delicious!).IMG_0841


IMG_3440After lunch, we made our way to our big adventure on a dolphin cruise. It was as great cruise and they were very accommodating. The captain was Mike and it is his dolphin cruise line, called Captain Mike’s dolphin cruises.IMG_0843

IMG_3442Captain Mike took us around the Atlantic, showing us different highlights and of course finding the dolphins. We saw about 5 dolphins and they swam pretty close to the boat. We didn’t get any good pictures, but we have them in our memories!!IMG_0869


IMG_3447Once our tour was over and we docked, we made our way to main street. We jumped out of the bus and hit the gift shops. There was this one shop that had tons of gifts. IMG_3456

IMG_3468The t-shirts were on sale and then the owner gave us an extra 10% off our souvenirs. What a great stop!! Oh, I almost forgot, before we went into the store, the travelers had a little fun taking pictures in front of a SHARK!! It was hilarious.IMG_3453

When we got done, it was time to head to the beach!! Unfortunately, it was pretty windy, so we couldn’t swim in the ocean, but we did get to put our feet in the water, play in the sand, and collect seashells.IMG_0877

IMG_0872 It was very relaxing. Afterwords, it was time for dinner, so we ate at the North Shore Beach Grill. Right next to our beach location. It was pretty good! I recommend trying the seafood nachos!IMG_0885

IMG_0882 After dinner, we made our way back to the hotel, where we are now getting ready for the night and preparing to wake up early to start heading home.IMG_3459

IMG_3460We had such a great trip to Savannah. There is so much to see and do, but we couldn’t do it all! We will definitely be planning another trip to Savannah! We stop in Salem, IL tomorrow night and then finish up our drive Friday.IMG_3464


IMG_3463Have a great night everyone and we talk again once in Salem.


Day 5

Hello Camp Courageous!!

After having breakfast at our hotel, we packed up the bus and started our drive back to Iowa. The drive went well! We ran into some traffic as we got close to Atlanta but after that it was smooth sailing! We grabbed some hot dogs/sandwiches, drinks and chips and had lunch on the bus while we watched a couple of movies. We stopped every couple of hours to stretch our legs. We stopped at Wendy’s for dinner then drove the last hour to our stop for the night, Salem, IL. We are now settling into our hotel.

Tomorrow we will continue our drive to Iowa. We will be dropping of the travelers in Walcott, Coravlille, Marion and Camp.