Doris Steffy book benefits camp

It is difficult to believe that a memoir about a woman who was a mortician would make you laugh, but that is what reading a copy of Doris Steffy’s book, “Mrs. Steffy, Our Mother, the Mortician,” might do. Using her mother’s scrapbooks that covered a 40-year period, Doris writes about the heart and spirit of Mrs. Steffy.

When Mrs. Steffy’s husband died, she was left with four children, a furniture store, and the family’s funeral business. She had limited professional skills and no license to continue the funeral business, as required by Iowa law at the time. To provide for the children and continue her husband’s work, she immediately started a nine-month apprenticeship so she could enroll in the Hoenschuh-Carpenter College of Mortuary Science in St. Louis, Missouri. Interwoven with reports of the lives of many of the families Mrs. Steffy worked with and the experiences of her children learning the business and growing up in the funeral home.

If you are looking for a meaningful and thought provoking book for that special person for the holidays or any other occasion, please consider the “Mrs. Steffy, Our Mother the Mortician” story.

Doris Steffy has made this book available as a fund raiser for Camp Courageous.  We hope you will consider it as a holiday gift, a gift for your local library, church, or loved ones.  It is a wonderful, heartwarming book, that we are sure you will enjoy.  Doris will personally sign the first 50 books.  Doris Steffy was introduced to the camp through Dr. & Selma DeShaw in Green Valley AZ.  She tells a beautiful story and is a delightful lady.

Books are available in the camp store or through Camp Courageous PO Box 418, Monticello IA 52310, or e-mail at  Books are $16.95 each plus $3.05 shipping and handling for a total of $20.00 for the books that are mailed.