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Day 1

Good Morning Everyone,

The travel group has made it to Orlando, FL and to our hotel. We had a few bumps in the road, but we made it.

IMG_0978We had two check-ins. One at camp and one at the Eastern Iowa Airport. We had a smooth checkin at both locations and all the travelers showed up ready to venture off to Wrestlemania, in Orlando, FL!

Once check-in was complete. One of our counselors noticed that our flight was delayed. It was delayed two hours! Wow! But oh well, we couldn’t do anything about that. So we sat around talking about wrestling and other fun trips throughout the year.IMG_0976

As soon as the Allegiant air desk opened up, we checked in our luggage and made our way to the Cedar Rapids restaurant right outside of security.

This young lady, who was the only one working, helped our big group of 19! I forgot to mention. We have 13 travelers on this trip! They all love wrestling. Anyways, she took our drink and food orders and we just sat talking and laughing! We had the whole back room to ourselves.

The drinks were flowing and the food made it to our tables. It was very good and the travelers were very satisfied.IMG_3480

We then went through security, waited for our plane, boarded our plane (which the flight crew let our group board first, with no hesitation!) it was awesome! We were all on the flight, the flight took off and we had a smooth flight and very smooth landing! We ended up getting to Orlando Sanford Airport at 11:30pm, it was supposed to be 930. But we made it. IMG_3478We made it out to our bus little after 12am and when we were boarding, the bus driver couldn’t get the handicap accessible lift to work! He got it out but couldn’t get it to go back up. After some time, he finally got it to work, but instead of sending our campers up it. We helped transfer them onto the bus. Which these guys were troopers and understood what happened.

IMG_3477We finally hoped on the bus and made it our hotel around 1:30am. We checked in, got everyone settled in and made it to bed a little before 3am.

Luckily , our day starts later this morning so our travelers our sleeping in! We have a fun filled day planned so stay tuned to our continued fun adventure!

Camp Courageous Travel


Day 2

Good Evening Camp Courageous,IMG_3482

The Travel group had some extra time to sleep this morning, which was needed! IMG_0982The group gathered again around 10:30am to make our way to downtown Orlando and head to the Wyndham Orlando Resort, where we had the opportunity to experience WrestleCon! WrestleCon is for young wrestlers to show their skill and hopefully become big in WWE!IMG_1034 We arrived at WrestleCon and needed to meet a man by the name of Jeff. Jeff was running the WrestleCon performances and was ready for us to check-in with him. We had two shows that we had the opportunity to witness, The Wrestling Revolver and Women SuperShow! IMG_1705


IMG_3484The Wrestling Revolver is run by Former Wrestler Sami Callahan and his brother Howard Johnston (from Clive, IA). I spoke to the the head supervisor for WrestleCon, his name is Michael.IMG_3485

IMG_1003 He donated the Women SuperShow to us and talked with Sami and his brother to donate The Wrestling Revolver. It was so great of them to donate these shows to our travelers.IMG_3516


When we arrived to the resort, our first show was The Wrestling Revolver. It was great show, with 9 matches. These travelers have been looking forward to moments like this, the moment to cheer on their favorite wrestlers! IMG_3542

IMG_3491Many of our travelers started chants, like “This is Awesome!” and “MOOSE,” we could thank travelers Dusty McArtor and Ben Lewis for these chants.IMG_3533

IMG_3494 They even had the chance to clap a lot of the wrestlers hands! So many smiles and laughs from a lot of the Travelers. Even the counselors were enjoying there time watching this exciting show! IMG_3576

IMG_3551Our seats were right next to the Entrance and not to far from the stage. After we saw many matches, we took a short intermission and then saw the biggest 10 person wrestling match! IMG_5474

IMG_5485It was insane! They had chairs, tables, ladders, and anything else they could use to wrestle with. After this exciting show, we made our way out to the lobby, met a lot of the wrestlers and we had the chance to Sami!IMG_3571
IMG_5461 We had to thank him in person for such a great time and for donating these seats! The travelers made sure they hugged and clapped his hands!IMG_3552


After we did some shopping, we got ready to watch our next show. The Woman’s SuperShow. Here we saw seven matches of ladies who are trying to make there way to get to WWE! There were some great matches and the travelers really enjoyed them. IMG_3550

IMG_3545Once we were done, we made our way to dinner at Chuy’s Tex-Mex Grill. With 20 people, it was great dinner! We have a special guest joining us this weekend.IMG_1740


My dear friend Andres Arispe is from San Antonio and travels to WrestleMania every year. He helped answer questions regarding this weekends trip, which helped a ton!



Tomorrow is WRESTLEMANIA!! The travelers are resting and preparing for a fun night!! It will be a late night, but it will be worth it!!IMG_1062

Have a great night,


Day 3

Good Afternoon,

We went swimming this morning! Which was a blast! Then we had a Wrestling Pizza Party!!IMG_3589IMG_3593























































My friend Andres Arispe “Latino Heat!” brought his Championship Belt to Orlando. All the travelers had a chance to pose with the belt and they all have Wrestling nicknames!! Tonight I will send another email late tonight about our fun at WrestleMANIA!!
IMG_1088Since all these Travelers are Champions, they posed with their belt and declared their Wrestling nicknames! Here are there names and pictures!

Dusty “John Cena!” IMG_1089Mark “The Undertaker”

Michael “The Beast!”

Max “STING!”IMG_1092 (1)

Chris “Jake “the snake” RobertsIMG_1093

John “BIG JOHN!”IMG_1094

Ron “THE WIZ” WaggonerIMG_1096

Dan “Dead Man Walker!”IMG_1097

Justin “AJ STILES!”IMG_1098

Shawn “John Cena!”

IMG_1101Ben “The Rock Lester!”IMG_1100Cindy “Su Lee!” IMG_1104Caleb “THE BIG SHOW!”IMG_1102Ashley “The Smashley!”IMG_1105Diane “Dominant Diane!”IMG_1107 Brandi “The Crazy!” AubinIMG_1108

Carolyn “Caaroolynnn Runnndleee!”IMG_1109

Melissa “MAYHEM!”IMG_1110





WrestleMania had begun!! There were a total of 75245 fans at the stadium! Fans that chanted, cheered, laughed, got mad, and clapped with each other to their favorite Wrestlers!IMG_5582


IMG_3595 The travelers were pumped up for all 13 matches, 7 hours of entertainment, and I think a couple of them lost their voices! It was that much fun!IMG_3606


There were many great matches, but the last one was the hardest. Since 1990 The undertaker has been a fan favorite, tonight he folded his jacket and set it in the front of the stage and wore his suit for the last time! The undertaker retired tonight and that was the last act of the night. IMG_3599

IMG_3603It was very emotional for everyone. We also feel that Goldburg and Tripple H lost for the same reasons, but we will wait and see.IMG_5574


We had such good seats, right next to the ramp where the wrestlers walked down, and we also had a sneak peek of what makes this show a success.IMG_1173


It was such a great show! It was a moment in time where all the WWE fans were all in the same stadium cheering on their favorite wrestlers!IMG_1172



We took many pictures, sorry no video! WWE caught me doing live feeds and made sure tell me never to do that again. So we will post tons of pictures.IMG_1170



It was such a great event and it was worth the trip to Orlando! We got back to our hotel at 130am and now heading to bed.IMG_1121


IMG_1169Tomorrow we head back to Iowa. We get back at 505pm CST.IMG_5621

All but two travelers will be picked up at the Eastern Iowa Airport. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel!


IMG_3633 IMG_3631

Day 4