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Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group is visiting Quincy, IL this weekend! This is our first trip to Quincy so we are excited to explore this city! We started off our day picking up our 7 travelers. IMG_3638We picked up Curtis Shultz in Marion and Michael Cannon, Mike Carnes, Terry Hagedorn, Jason Gesling and our two new travelers, Iver Hovet and Rick Malles in Coralville. We had a delicious dinner at Culver’s before hitting the road! We made really good time and got to our hotel around 8:40pm. Everyone is settled in our rooms and resting up for our fun weekend in Quincy!IMG_3639

Day 2

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group had a fantastic day in Quincy! After we had breakfast at our hotel we made our way to the All Wars Museum which is located at the Illinois Veterans Home at Quincy.IMG_3668 As we pulled up to the museum, we spotted a military tank and helicopter so we had to take pictures!! Two veterans, Dale and Dan showed us around the All Wars Museum. IMG_3648
IMG_3649This museum had a ton of information, artifacts and military equipment. Our guides were awesome! You could tell they had such a passion to share this information with us. They have this museum and give tours in order for us to remember the people who gave their lives for our freedom.IMG_3652
IMG_3651 The museum showcases each war/conflict that the USA has been involved in starting with the Indian war and ending with 9-11 and our current situation. Traveler Rick Malles, told us that he thought this museum was very interesting! All of the travelers were very attentive and asked great questions.IMG_3655
Quincy is located in Adams County and the soldiers that gave their lives during war are honored in this museum. One of our guides, Dan W. has begun painting portraits of all of the soldiers from Adams County who have died during battle.IMG_3659 He has quite a few portraits completed but he has over 100 more to go. He told us that would take him at least three years to complete but he was determined to complete them. There were 23 soldiers from Adams County that died during the Vietnam War. We got to see their portraits on display and Dan told us he went to high school with 5 of them.IMG_3656
There was a model of D-Day in Normandy on display and Dale told us that we had the opportunity to listen to an actual recording from that battle. On the recording you can hear the sounds of bullets being fired and orders being given on that day, June 6th, 1944.IMG_3657 Another cool exhibit was a model of a large ship. A man named Mr. Wingerter had served on this ship and then built a model of the ship from memory!!! How amazing is that?!
At the end of our tour Dale passed out American Flags to our group and also gave us some pins.IMG_3661
IMG_3662The gentleman at this museum were very friendly and generous to our group. We really enjoyed our tour. We thanked them for the tour and their service to our country before heading out to our next stop.
Our next stop was a deer park that is also located on the Veterans Home property. IMG_3671
IMG_3682We walked the fence and saw a lot of deer, geese and a couple buffalo!IMG_3685
IMG_3684 On our way back around we passed a lady and her granddaughter who were feeding the deer.IMG_3689
IMG_3688 They offered the Travelers some spinach so they could also feed the deer. Everyone got a change to feed the deer!IMG_3693
We sure had worked up an appetite so we made our way the The Pier Restaurant. IMG_3695This restaurant is located right on the Mississippi River.IMG_3697
IMG_3700 We had a beautiful view of the river! IMG_3699After a very delicious meal, we took a walk on the river walk near the restaurant.IMG_3701
It was such a beautiful day! It was so nice to talk a walk by the river and enjoy being outside!IMG_3744
After our walk by the river, we headed to the Villa Katherine.IMG_3747 The Villa Katherine was built in 1900 and owned by George Metz. George was inspired by his travels to the Mediterranean area and took notes and made sketches of things he saw on his travels that he wanted to include in his house.IMG_3748 We got to view the first and second floors of the Villa. Our tour guide, Betty told us about the history of the building and the reconstruction of it. There were still some pieces that were the original from when George Metz lived in the Villa.IMG_3728
IMG_3704 A painting of a Japanese woman and a built in wooden hutch located in what was thought to be the dining room. IMG_3727
IMG_3749It was really pretty inside the Villa. The Villa is also home to the Quincy Visitors Bureau so we were able to purchase some souvenirs!
While at the Villa, a volunteer told us about a Log Cabin Village that was close by.IMG_3729 We had some extra time before our next activity so we went to check it out! There were 6 cabins in this village. IMG_3754
IMG_3756These cabins were moved from their original locations to this location (Quinsippi Island Park) in order to help preserve them.IMG_3755
IMG_3751 We weren’t able to go inside the cabins but we got to walk around the village and read the plaques. All of the cabins date back to the 1800s!
Our next stop was Golden, IL. We took a tour of The Prairie Mill.IMG_3737 The Prairie Mill is a restored Dutch windmill built in 1873 by Hinrich Reemits Emminga. We learned about the history of the mill and it’s restoration. The land near the mill was very damp and swampy and eventually the woodwork rotted away so it had to be restored. IMG_3759During our tour we learned how the mill worked and what the mill The mill was mostly used to make buckwheat flour. The Prairie Mill is powered by wind, which is why they are called windmills.IMG_3757 A steady 20mph wind is needed to make the stones moved so grind the wheat. We got to go all the way up to the top to the mill and stand out on the stage. IMG_3762It was so cool! We also learned that the whole top of the mill (the part where the windmill is attached) moves! They moved it to position the blades so they are facing the direction of the wind.IMG_3765
After our tour of the mill, we went next door to the museum. This museum was filled with artifacts from the Emminga family and others from this area.IMG_3771
There were clothes, toys, furniture, dishes, sport equipment and more from all different time periods. It’s neat to see the differences in how the items we use today looked like back then!IMG_3732
Our last activity of the day was a dinner and show and it took place at the Mill! A group called the Golden Follies put on a dinner and show each year to help raise money for the Mill. Before the show we were able to shop and get some Prairie Mill souvenirs! Our group had great seats in the second row! After we were seated they started bring out out food.
We had a salad followed by ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and a dinner roll. The show started after we finished out meal. The dinner and show is put on by all volunteers! The name of the show was Nana’s Naughty Knickers (as our host told us, “it’s not as bad as it sounds” – don’t worry the show was PG). Nana ran a secret company (designing and selling knickers for older ladies) out of her apartment. The show was very funny! Lots of jokes! The Travelers were laughing the entire time!

Day 3

Hello Camp Courageous!!

We had a great last day in Quincy! After breakfast and packing up the bus we made our way to Quincy University where we were meeting a tour guide, Ron. Ron hopped on our bus and directed us around the city telling us about the history of the city, the architecture and some fun facts about QuincyIMG_3799.
Quincy, IL is located in Adams County, this city was named after the 6th President, Quincy Adams. A man named John Wood (who later became the Mayor) bought 161 acres of land for $60 and this was the start of the city. Ron directed us to Washington Park which was where the famous Lincoln-Douglas debate took place. IMG_3801Lincoln and Douglas were debating for a seat in the Senate. Lincoln lost the debate but there were quite a few people who like Lincoln and his speeches and encouraged him to run for President.
We got to see an old brewery, the house where the Motorola Company got started, the beautiful Jr. High School building which used to be the High School (this building was huge!!!) we also got to see Dr. Eells House. This house was the first stop in the Underground Railroad across the border from Missouri.
We also learned that the first African American priest was ordained in Quincy and that corrugated egg cartons were invented in Quincy.
After our hour long tour we made our way back to Quincy University to get ready for the baseball game! It was a beautiful day for a baseball game!! IMG_3783
IMG_3782The Quincy University Hawks were playing a double header against the University of Missouri – St. Louis Tritions. The Tritons were actually staying at the same hotel as us! We saw the players and bus driver at breakfast this weekend. IMG_3789
When we got to the stadium we stopped to do some shopping! The Travelers bought some great jerseys, hats and shorts! After they put on their Quincy gear we went to find some seats! We could sit anywhere so we grabbed front row seats!IMG_3790 Once we got settled we grab some lunch and got ready to the game to start. The Hawks scored 6 runs in the first inning!! It was an exciting start to the game! The Tritons came back to score some runs in the 5th inning. IMG_3793Because they were playing a double header, the first game only went to the 7th inning which was perfect because it ended right before we had to leave! The Hawks came out on top with a score of 11-8! The Travelers had a blast at the game! IMG_3787
After the game ended we started our drive back to Iowa. We made great time! We stopped for dinner at Pizza Ranch in Iowa City. It was delicious! Veteran Traveler, Charles Lee works at the Pizza Ranch and came over to say hi to everyone and ask about our trip! IMG_3791It was great to see him! There were also several other Camp Courageous Campers having dinner at the Pizza Ranch tonight.
6 Travelers were picked up at Pizza Ranch and we dropped off the last Traveler in Marion. We made it back to camp just after 7pm.

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