Terre Haute, IN

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Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group is back at it again! This weekend are visiting Terre Haute, IN for the first time! We started off our day picking up our 9 Travelers at Camp, Marion, Coralville and Davenport. We grabbed dinner to go at the Davenport Culver’s so we could get a head start with the drive. We passed the time listening to the radio and watching a couple of movies. It was a nice drive! A little construction here and there but overall it was a smooth drive. We crossed over into Eastern Standard Time shortly before arriving at our hotel. We arrived around 10:15pm (EST). Everyone is now resting up for our fun weekend! Stay tuned!

Day 2

Hello Camp Courageous!

We had a great day exploring Terre Haute today! After having breakfast at our hotel, we made our way to the Veterans Memorial Museum. This was a really great museum! \\There was a ton of memorabilia from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan. The found of the museum, Brian Mundell has been collecting military memorabilia for 13 years! \
He has quite the collection! There was a variety of uniforms, weapons, medals, dog tags, letters, photographs, flags, telegraphs, eating utensils and more! There was a lot to see and Brian answered all of the Traveler’s questions.
He even let us hold a M60 mortar explosive (don’t worry, it was a dud!) and try on a helmet! The Travelers really enjoyed learning about the history of the military!
Next we headed right down the street to the Clabber Girl Corporation Museum and Bakeshop.
Clabber Girl is the leading manufacturer of baking powder in the nation. When we arrive we grabbed some lunch from the Bakeshop. They sure had some delicious sandwiches! You can’t go to the Bakeshop of a leading baking product manufacturer without sampling some baked goods!
So after lunch we all picked out a cookie! They had a wide variety of flavors including cheery cheesecake, snickerdoodle, thumbprints, mint chip and a “brookie”, which is 1/2 cookie, 1/2 brownie (It was delicious!!!)
After our treat we met up with our tour guide, Brittany. Brittany showed us around the Clabber Girl Museum and told us the history of the company.
Herman Hulman is the founder  of Hulman & Co which is the manufacturer of Clabber Girl. Clabber Girl makes baking powder, baking soda and corn starch.
The Clabber Girl name comes from the word “Clabber”, which means “sour milk”. Back in the early 1800s before baking powder was made, people would mix sour milk and ashes to make what we know today as baking powder!
Brittany also shared with us how people would test the oven temperature on old wood burning ovens. They would roll up their sleeves and stick their arm in the oven! They would judge the temperature based on how long they could keep their arm in the oven before it got too hot! Good thing we have temperature gages now!!
We also learned that Hulman & Co owns and operates the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! They had one of the old race cars on display at the museum.
Other things we got to see at the museum was an old safe, a wagon that they used to deliver the Clabber Girl products and a Dey Register, which is a large dial that they used to clock in to work!
Brittany was a great guide! Once again the Traveler’s loved learning about the history of this company and Terre Haute! Brittany was very friendly and even donated the tour to our group!
Our next stop was the Wabash Valley Railroad Museum. Here we split off into two groups and learned about how the railroad and trains were run.  
We toured Haley Tower, Spring Hill Tower, Turner Depot and a caboose! Hayley and Spring Hill Towers were “interlocking towers”, where the trains and tracks were controlled.     
A dispatcher would radio the different trains that were coming and the person working in the tower would have to pull different levers in a certain code to turns the tracks so the trains wouldn’t run into each other. Some of the Travelers got to give it a try!
The Turner Depot was the building you would visit to get tickets for the train. The caboose or cabin car, was used for the railroad crews while they were on duty.
There was a place for the to make food and sleep. We also go to see a “Troop Sleeper” car that the museum will be restoring. This car was from 1944 and it lined with bunks inside for the troops to sleep.
Our tour guides, Bill and Charlie were great! They showed us around the property and told us all about how the trains were controlled before all of the computers took over.
While we were at the museum we got to see three trains go by! It was great timing! For one train we were up in the tower and had a great view and the other train we got to view up close on the platform! We waved at the conductors and they waved and blew the train whistle! Such a great time! After a few group pictures with our tour guides we headed to dinner!
We stopped at a local itlaian restaurant called Piloni’s.
This was a great local place that made all homemade food! It was very food food! After we filled up on breadsticks, pasta and pizza we headed to Hatfield Hall, which is part of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
We watched the play Anything Goes, performed by the Rose Drama Club. Anything Goes is a musical by Cole Porter. The story takes place aboard an ocean liner that is traveling from New York to London. The main character, Billy Crocker sneaks onto the boat in hopes of winning the love of Hope Harcourt who happens to be engaged to Evelyn Oakleigh. Billy makes friends with Moonfaced Martin who is “public enemy #13 and night club singer, Reno Sweeney. They help out Billy in his quest to win over Hope. It was a great show! Lots of great signing, dancing and jokes. (Sorry, no pictures in the theater once the show started). It was a great way to end our day! This was a hit with the Travelers as well. Everyone mentioned how much they enjoyed all of the museums and the play!
Everyone is resting up at the hotel for our day tomorrow!

Day 3

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group had a wonderful time in Terre Haute, IN this weekend!
After breakfast at the hotel and packing up the bus we headed to Neoga, IL. Jill Rohr, one of our travel volunteers this weekend is the Program Director at Camp New Hope in Neoga.     
Jill has been the Program Director for almost 3 years now. When she saw that we were planning a trip to Terre Haute she wanted to volunteer and invited our group to visit her camp!
When we arrived at Camp New Hope we were greeted by about 30 respite campers and their staff. Jill introduced our groups and then we split up to do some activities with our new friends!
We rotated throughout different activities such as train rides, exploring their playground and tricycle rides. Everyone was really nice and welcoming and our groups enjoyed visiting with each other.  
After a morning full of fun we took a big group picture before enjoying lunch outside under the pavilion.
Camp New Hope Staff grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for us and served us chips, pretzels, baked beans and a cupcake! It was a beautiful day to be outside! After lunch we said our goodbyes and and thanked them for the food and their hospitality. Everyone had a great time! We then started the drive back to Iowa.
We stopping in Bettendorf to have dinner at Pizza Ranch. 2 of our Travelers were picked up here. We also made stops in Coralvile, Marion and Monticello to drop off the remaining 7 Travelers. We arrived back at camp around 8:30pm.

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