Flash Trip: Peter Pan

Day 1

Day 1

Good Evening Camp Courageous!
Travel had it’s very first “Flash Trip”! A Flash Trip is a spontaneous trip that we planned a week ago. Today our trip was in Cedar Rapids, where we watched the performance Peter Pan at Theatre Cedar Rapids (TCR). Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association (HADSA) bought out the entire main floor of the theater for a special performance for individuals with disabilities and their friends and family. Camp Courageous Travel wanted to take part in the fun showing of Peter Pan, so we offered this trip to our travelers who would have a hard time getting to Cedar Rapids. We picked up travelers from Monticello, Oxford Junction and Davenport. Once we picked up our travelers we made our way to Cedar Rapids where we had dinner at Culver’s on Edgewood Rd. The Culver’s staff said they enjoyed having our group come in before the show. We had a delicious meal before heading to the theater.
Before we knew it, it was time to head to TCR to watch the classic, Peter Pan. When we arrived we were greeted by ushers and the HADSA staff. The President and Vice President of HADSA reserved seats for our group so we could sit together. Before going into the auditorium, the travelers bought some t-shirts and other souvenirs. The doors open promptly at 6pm. We made our way into the auditorium to take our seats. While we were waiting for the performance to start, we got to see many Camp Courageous campers and travelers. It was great to see so many familiar faces.
Right before the show started, the HADSA President Brian Larkin and Vice President Cheri Presley welcomed everybody, thanked their sponsors and thanked Camp Courageous for promoting this performance. After that moment, the magic began!!! The show consisted of some great actors and actresses of a variety of ages. There were some fun songs, funny moments and we even had the chance to hear the ticking clock from the crocodile. At the end of the show, the travelers and others in the audience enjoyed the show so much that they gave the cast a standing ovation. After the show, we hopped back on the bus and started our journey of dropping off the travelers.
The travelers are all safe at their homes and we have returned to Camp!
A special thank you to HADSA for organizing this special performance and offering these tickets to the special needs community. I also would like to thank the travelers that joined us today. A special shout out to Ron Pfeiffer, Susie Schneiter, Doug & Kevin Ahrendsen, LeAnn Reeder, Rosemary McShane, Kathy Kindle, Rosemary LaGrange, Annette Grimm, Patty Oldesn and her staff Emily Glassman for signing up for this “Flash Trip!”

3 Responses

  1. It was our pleasure to have you all come to the play!

  2. Margo Ahrendsen says:

    Doug and Kevin had a fantastic time-they were all smiles when I picked them up. Love the “spontaneity” part of this trip! Hope you are able to do more trips like this. Thank you Brian Larkin for the tickets and organizing the trip-much appreciated!

  3. Rolando Morales says:

    No problem at all Margo! We were happy to plan this trip. Many more Flash trips to come in the future!