Curious Incident Day Trip

Day 1 |

Day 1

Good Evening Camp Courageous!

We had a wonderful trip to Des Moines to see the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time!! We started off our day picking up travelers at Camp and in Coralville. After greeting everyone and getting loaded onto the bus we made our way to Newton, IA. We stopped at the Culver’s in Newton for dinner. The Culver’s employees were very nice and helpful with our group. They held open doors and arranged tables together so our whole group could sit together. After our delicious meal, we continued our drive to the Civic Center in Des Moines.
When we arrived at the Civic Center we took some group photos and did some shopping while we waited for the auditorium to open. One of the Guest Service employees, Jodie helped our group find our seats and get settled. She checked in with us often and was very helpful.
The performance started at 7:30 and right away it got your attention! This play is unlike any other play out there!  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time is based on the book written by Mark Haddon. The story, which takes place in England, is told by Christopher, a 15 year old teenager who has an unmentioned condition that would remind you of the Autism Spectrum. His neighbor’s dog was found dead and he was blamed at first. Against his father’s wishes, he does some detective work to try to figure out who killed the dog. We got to walk in Christopher’s shoes as he went through life that was confusing and didn’t make sense to him like loud noises and different figures of speech. In the end he found out who had killed the dog and found out his mother was alive after believing that she was dead. The show ended with Christopher asking his teacher if she thought he could do anything. He asked the questions three times and she didn’t answer. It was powerful!
The actors were fantastic! They did a fabulous job telling the story and portraying how individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum view the world.
After the performance ended and a standing ovation, we hopped back on the bus and started our drive back to Camp, stopping along the way in Coralville to drop off some of our travelers. The last two travelers were picked up at Camp. Everyone is now home safe and sound.