Adventureland 2017 Day Trip

Day 1 |

Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!!!

The Travel Group had a BLAST at Adventureland today!!! We started our day bright and early at 6am! We picked up travelers at Camp, Marion and Coralville.

We had 16 travelers and 7 staff join us for this fun trip!

We arrived at Adventureland around 10am. We paired up into groups and started exploring the park!

Levi and Kody’s groups started off at the Tea Cups and the Splash Over ride. They were so excited to spin so they chose two rides that would get them dizzy!

Traveler, Kevin Ahrendsen was super excited at both rides, while volunteer Levi looked like he had had enough! Check out the video on the Camp Courageous Facebook page!!

After those two rides they ventured off to other fun rides like The Monster, one of the newest coasters at the park.

Liz and Betsy’s groups started off on the Sky Ride, where they had a chance to see all of Adventureland! They took the Sky Ride to the other side of the park where they rode the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Himalaya.

This group loved the Sky Ride and rode it multiple times throughout the day!

Melissa and Sarah’s groups started the day off with a train ride! After the train we headed to the classic ride, the Carousel! Traveler Karna Szczech was super excited to ride on the horse!

They even got to ride it twice! Their next stop was souvenir shopping followed by the Giant SkyWheel! The Giant SkyWheel provided a beautiful view of the whole park!

Next up all of the groups made their way to the Iowa Cafe where we had delicious lunch that included a hamburger or hotdog, chips and a drink.

After lunch the groups headed off to explore more of the park.

Melissa and Sarah’s groups head to the Space Shot! Travelers Chris Bradley and Lynette Malmgren were brave and gave this ride a try. This ride shot you straight up!!

Next up for this group was another classic the Dodge ‘em Cars!! The travelers had fantastic time crashing into everyone! Travelers Lynette Malmgren and Chris Bradley decided to take on The Monster as well!

Levi and Kody’s groups also rode the Space Shot and another ride that spins you a ton called the Storm Chaser.

Travelers Damon Peugh and Kevin Ahrendsen were up for anything and rode all of the rides this group visited!

Liz and Betsy’s groups rode the rollercoasters, The Tornado and Monster. They also rode the Pirate Ship, Dodge ‘em cars and the Falling Star.

Traveler Ron Pfeiffer was saying “bring me down” during the ride but as soon we they got off he wanted to go back on again! This group also did a lot of shopping!

Before we knew it, it was time to head to dinner. We made our way to the front gate, snapped a few group pictures and hopped on the bus.

We went to Jethro’s BBQ for dinner! The food was delicious and the portions were huge! The Travel Group sure had worked up quite the appetite after our adventurous day!

After dinner we started our drive back to Camp, stopping in Coralville and Marion to drop off travelers. The final travelers were picked up at Camp!

Thank you to all the travelers and staff for a great time in Adventureland! See you all next year!


The Travel Team

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  1. Traci Long says:

    Glad everyone had a lot of fun.
    Camp courageous all the way.