Milwaukee Brewers Day Trip

Day 1 |

Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group spent the day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Brewers game!! We started off our day at 7am, picking up travelers at Camp and in Dubuque. We had 16 travelers and 6 staff attending the ball game! We had a nice drive to Milwaukee, the travelers passed the time by discussing their favorite sports teams!! Lots of votes for Brewers and Cubs!

We arrived at Miller Park Stadium around 11:30am and met up with our travel volunteer, Audra Kramer, who lives in Milwaukee. We made our way to the gates, stopping to take a group picture on the way!

We had to wait a few minutes for the gates to open but it was worth it! Today happened to be a giveaway day so those who arrived early for the game received a free Brewers pullover!!! The travelers were super excited for this unexpected gift! A couple of the travelers put their new pullovers on right away!












We stopped to take a few more pictures before heading to our seats.

We sat in the Terrace Box in a section to the left of home plate! We had an awesome view of the field!

Once we found our seats and got settled we grabbed some delicious food for lunch! You can’t go to a baseball game without a hotdog or brat, which is what a lot of our travelers chose!

The Brewers scored a run in the first and second inning! Each time the Brewers scored they shot off a few fireworks!!

The travelers were clapping and cheering! We also got to make signs to hold up! The travelers took turns holding up the signs, hoping to be on the big screen!

Traveler Sara Billhorn was up dancing and cheering away too! During the game they announced that there were 30,330 people in attendance at the game!!

During the middle of the game the travelers visited the Brewers gift shop and bought some great souvenirs! Travelers Gene Sherman, Tom Blackburn and Eric Nemmers put on their new hats right away!

During the middle of the 7th inning the group stood up for the classic “7th inning stretch” and sang along to “God Bless the USA” and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”!!

The Brewers scored a home run in the 8th inning securing their win! The Brewers held off the L.A. Dodgers from scoring a single run the entire game!! It was a shut out! After the last out, the travelers cheered and clapped, exciting that their Brewers won the game 3-0!!

We made our way out of the stadium and hopped back on the bus. We stopped to have dinner at Culver’s on our way back to Iowa. We stopped in Dubuque to drop off 4 travelers before continuing on to Camp where the remaining travelers were picked up.

It was an awesome trip! Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, Treva Guyer, Sara Leonard, Hanna Krogmann, and Audra Kraemer. Also, thank you to all the travelers for a wonderful time cheering on the Brewers!


The Travel Team