2017 Spa Trip!

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Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!

This is Camp’s first ever Spa Trip and we have 11 super excited ladies joining us! This trip is all about pampering our travelers! The ladies are having a wonderful time so far, and the fun only just began!! We started off our evening with check in here at Camp.
Thanks to Sharon and Kihley for helping with check in. The ladies arrived full of excitement, eager to see what we had planned!
After everyone arrived we made our way over to the nursing classroom, which had been decorated and it was full of surprises for the ladies.
There was relaxing music playing in the background and lavender oil being diffused in the air! Each traveler received a basket full of spa related items such as makeup, lip gloss, hair accessories, gel eye masks and more!
There was also a photo booth station with different hats, jewelry and the fun props to use. We got some great shots!! The ladies also had the opportunity to get temporary jewelry tattoos!
The travelers enjoyed Subway sandwiches, chips and drinks for dinner while they chatted with their friends. The food was delicious! Traveler LeAnna Mayhew was so thoughtful and brought mini cupcakes to share with the group for dessert!
Thanks LeAnna!! After dinner 6 travelers headed to Carlson College of Massage Therapy in Stone City while the other 5 travelers headed over to Camp’s Pavilion for the Summer Splash Dance.
Thanks to Rolo and Uriel for helping out volunteer Sarah Bruce with the travel group ladies at the dance! The ladies had a great time dancing and listening to the music! New Traveler, Kathy Swank had a blast dancing the night away!
When the ladies arrived at Carlson College, the students were gathered in the office waiting to greet our group. The student’s introduced themselves to the travelers then lead the way to the waiting area.
Here, they talked with each traveler and discussed the traveler’s pressure preference and explained what to expect during the massage. Next, they led the travelers to the massage rooms and got to work! This was Cindy Graham’s and Julie Iburg’s first massage. They sure loved this experience! Cindy Graham came out after her massage and said “Man, I sure am going to sleep well tonight!” Traveler Jane Ramm also really enjoyed this experience. She was super relaxed after her
When her student, Melody asked Jane how she felt Jane smiled really big and said “Terrific!!!” and told Melody that she did a great job! In fact, all of the ladies had big smiles on their faces and commented on how great they felt. What a fun experience! Thank you to all of the students and staff at Carlson College for this great experience!
The group said goodbye and thanked everyone at Carlson College then we hopped back on the bus and heading back to Camp. Those 6 ladies also got to spend some time at the Summer Splash Dance.
Before we knew it the dance ended and it was time to head to our hotel in Coralville. We arrived at our hotel around 10:30pm and got settled in our rooms. The ladies are resting up for our fun filled day tomorrow!! Stay tuned to hear all about our time at the spa tomorrow!!

Day 2

Hello Camp Courageous!!

The Travel Group had a FANTASTIC day!!! After breakfast at the hotel, we started our spa activities. Our first stop of the day was our hotel’s pool, hot tub and water slide!
All of the ladies went for the hot tub! What is a Spa trip without relaxing in a hot tub?? The ladies loved relaxing by the jets! Traveler Amy Headington decided to give the water slide a try as well. She had such a great time coming down the twisting slide that she rode it 4 times!
After our time in the hot tub, we went back up to our rooms to get dressed up for our day of pampering!
The Travelers had worked up quite the appetite so we made our way to Culver’s in Cedar Rapids for lunch.
While the Travelers ate their delicious food, they were bursting with excitement about our upcoming time at the Spa!
After lunch we made our way to Capri College where we took a group “before” picture. Once inside we were greeted by 14 smiling students. Each Traveler and Volunteer was paired up with a student and the fun began!
The Travelers had a choice of getting their hair styled, makeup done and a manicure. Travelers Amy Headington, Eliana Friedman, Laura Neff, Cindy Graham, Kathy Swank, Laurie Ruth, LeAnne Mayhew and Nikki Neuenkirk started off getting their hair styled.
Travelers Melissa Ripple, Julie Iburg and Jane Ramm started off getting a manicure.
Travelers Laurie Ruth, Eliana Friedman, Laura Neff, Kathy Swank and Nikki Neunkirk also got their makeup done.
The volunteers also got to join in on the fun and get a manicure! The ladies loved having their own personal
stylist and all of the students were really friendly and did a great job!
Thank you to all of the students and staff at Capri College for giving our Travelers an experience that they will remember forever!
The ladies looked beautiful and loved showing off their new looks! After we said our goodbyes we stopped to take a group “after” photo. We also took individual pictures of each traveler where they “struck a pose”.
Everyone was having so much fun! Multiple Travelers kept saying that they were having so much fun and didn’t want to go home! This was so great to hear! Good thing we had more fun (and surprises!) in store!
Next we made our way back to Coralville to Twelve01 Kitchen for dinner. The Travelers could barely think about what they wanted to order because they were still so excited about our Spa experience! That’s all we talked about over dinner! The food was amazing! A lot of the ladies ordered steak and it was said that this was the best steak ever!
Travel Volunteer Hannah Lachnit lives nearby and came out to join us for the Little Mermaid performance. Hannah met up with us at the restaurant first because I had let her in on my surprise for the Travelers!! I had arranged to have a stretch Hummer pick us up from the restaurant and drive the group to the theater!
(Thanks to Rolo for helping out with the surprise by taking me to drop off the bus at the theater!) The Traveler’s had no idea that this was going to happen! I led the group outside as the driver was pulling up. They were shocked and super excited about this opportunity!! Thank you to Express Limousine Service and our driver, Lisa for this wonderful experience for our Travelers! Lisa was wonderful and ever brought each traveler a rose!
Once we were all inside, Lisa turned on the music and the lights in the back! It was so cool! Traveler Jane Ramm and been talking about a party all day and now it really felt like a party!
So of course we had to sing the PARTY song!! Jane Ramm led the other ladies in a chant of “Party, Party”! It was great! We also sang the Camp Courageous song on our way to the theater. Traveler Laura Neff said that this was her favorite part of the trip! The Travelers were all smiles and bursting with happiness and excitement! Once we arrived at the Coralville Center of the Performing Arts we took a group picture with our driver Lisa in front of the Hummer.
We thanked and said goodbye to Lisa and made our way in the theater. We had awesome seats! We were in the first three rows of the theater! This performance of the Little Mermaid was very entertaining! This classic story of a mermaid who falls in love with a human was performed by young actors (most being in Middle or High School) and they did an amazing job. This performance had all of the classic characters such as Ariel, Eric and Sebastian but the costumes and set design was different than you would have imagined. The actors used movement and unique props to create an interesting take on the classic (sorry, pictures weren’t allowed). The Travelers were loving the show! Traveler Julie Iburg was laughing the whole time! The characters were cracking jokes and being really funny through out the performance.
After the show, the cast was out in the lobby so the Travelers had the opportunity to meet and take pictures with some of the staff. Traveler Jane Ramm even got a few autographs!
After we mingled the some of the cast we hopped on the bus and made our way to the hotel.
When I stopped by their room, Travelers Jane Ramm, LeAnne Mayhew and Kathy Swank were joking with their volunteer, Brenda about ordering pizza to the room!
They were cheering and ready to party more! What a great day! The Travelers all said they can’t wait for the next Spa trip! Guess I better start planning!
The Travelers are now all resting after our busy day!

Day 3

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group had a fantastic Spa trip!! We had one last breakfast at the hotel and got everything packed up. The majority of the ladies were picked up at our hotel after breakfast. The remaining Travelers were picked up in Marion. Thank you to all of our Travelers for a great trip! Another big Thank You to my volunteers, Brenda Hanken, Sarah Bruce, Diane Sneed and Miranda Noack and to everyone else that helped out in any way for this trip!

3 Responses

  1. Tammy says:

    Looks like great fun! Thanks for helping them have a wonderful memorable weekend!

  2. Diane Sneed says:

    Thanks for such a great time I love volunteering for the travel program. Thanks Melissa and Rolando for making such well thought out trips that make the campers so happy.

  3. Adriene says:

    What an amazing weekend! Great job for putting this all together!