Chicago Cubs Day Trip

Day 1

Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!!!

The Travel Group spent the day in Chicago at Wrigley Field!! We started our day bright and early at 6am! Thanks to Sharon who helped out with check in! Today was traveler Haley Musser’s birthday so we started off the trip singing “Happy Birthday” to her.  We made a quick stop in Dubuque to pick up three travelers and two more volunteers. Our drive to Chicago was smooth! We didn’t run into much traffic and made it to Wrigley Field a little after 11am.

Even though the game didn’t start for two more hours the place was packed! There were Cubs fans everywhere! The travelers were super excited to be at Wrigley Field!
Today was a great day to arrive at the stadium early because it was a giveaway day!! We all got free bobble heads!! The travelers loved this unexpected souvenir!! After we got our bobble heads, we made our way to our seats! We had fantastic seats!!! We were along the first base line and in the shade!

Once we got settled we grabbed some lunch, shopped and got ready for the game! The Chicago Cubs played the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays scored two runs early in the game but that didn’t stop the travelers from cheering and having a great time!

In the 6th inning the Cubs hit a home run with two runners on base to tie up the game!! The travelers jumped to their feet and cheered!!! The Cubs took the lead in the 7th inning!! It was an exciting second half of the game!! The Cubs pulled off a WIN!!!! The Cubs won 7-3!!! The travelers were on their feet cheering and singing Go Cubs Go!!! They had a blast at the game and loved seeing their Cubs win!!!


We took a group picture on our way out of the stadium and hopped on the bus. Once we got passed the Chicago traffic it was smooth sailing! We stopped at Culver’s to grab food to go and continued our drive to Iowa. Three travelers were picked up in Dubuque and the rest were picked up at Camp. We made it back to Camp around 10:30pm.


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  1. Nancy Grinstead says:

    What a great time for our son Tab Grinstead and his friends. What a fun day for everyone!