David Dierks continues to support Camp Courageous

One cannot say enough good things about David Dierks of Iowa City. He is a class act. Dave has been a mentor of mine since coming to camp in 1980. Dave started with the University of Iowa Foundation in 1973, over 40-years ago, and is semi-retired from the position of Vice President of the U of I Foundation. He is an exceptional individual who has a heart of gold, always trying to help others, and a person of utmost integrity. During my early years with the camp, with zero financial and fund raising skills, Dave was always there for me when a question needed answering. There was never a sense of competitiveness for donors, it was always about doing what was best for our organizations and donors. Dave recently donated a vehicle and trailer load of needed items to camp. Over the years, his daughter, Jennifer, donated her horse, Bow, along with rabbits, that the campers loved; Dave has arranged tickets for ballgames for 100s of campers to attend (with all expenses covered by Dave and his friends), and Dave’s family has donated many other needed items. Dave volunteers for numerous causes, sits on many boards, and was in the Army National Guard for 28 years, where he was Johnson County Soldier of the Year in 1988. We wish Dave all the very best of health and happiness as he begins to think about retirement. -Charlie