Camp Courageous mourns the loss of Maynard VanAntwerp

Maynard VanAntwerp, a loyal Camp Courageous volunteer, has recently passed away.  Maynard’s daughter, Julie O’Connor, is camp’s Dietary Director.  For Julie, she has not only lost her father, she has lost one of her most loyal and hard working volunteers.  There was nothing Maynard would not do to help camp.  From peeling 100s of pounds of potatoes to 100s of pounds of apples, Maynard was there morning, noon, and night.  If he could not make it to camp to help, he would do the work from home.  If camp was saturated with apple slices, he obtained a dehydrator and began to dehydrate them.  Maynard was a genuine, good and caring man…who was always giving back…he will be dearly missed by all.