St. Louis, MO Weekend Trip!!

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Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group is back on the road! We are spending the weekend in St. Louis,  MO! We started off the trip with check in at Camp where we met up with traveler, Linda Hartnell who had just spent this past week at Camp! Next up we made our way to Marion to pick up Buell Christensen then headed to Coralville. We met Kristin Knebel, Tom Caryl, Larry Lucier, Ed Meyer, Dan Coyne and Gary Keely at Wendy’s and grabbed some lunch! Once everyone was finished eat we loaded up the bus and started our drive to St. Louis.
It was a great drive! The weather was beautiful and we didn’t hit any traffic! We stopped for dinner at Chili’s where we met up with 2 of our volunteers, Rachel Kegley and Jill Rohr. After our delicious dinner we headed to our hotel which was just a few minutes away. Everyone is all settled in our rooms and resting up for our fun filled weekend in St. Louis!!
Stay tuned to hear about all our fun weekend!

Day 2


Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group had a blast in St. Louis today! We started off our day with a delicious breakfast at our hotel. This hotel has an area with outdoor seating so some of our travelers took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed their breakfast outside! After breakfast we loaded the bus and headed toward our first destination, the St. Louis Arch!! We took some group photos then headed inside where we did some shopping and watched a 30 minute movie about the building of the Arch. The travelers enjoyed seeing how the Arch was built. Did you know that these workers did not use harnesses (at least not in any of the video footage we saw)!?! Crazy, right? Some of us were cringing watching the workers walk around that high up in the air!
After the movie was over we made our way down to the riverfront. We took an hour long sightseeing cruise on the “Mark Twain”. It was a beautiful day to be on the water! Once aboard we grabbed our seat and enjoyed our boxed lunches which consisted of a ham or turkey sandwich, fruit cup, potato salad and a chocolate chip cookie. The travelers enjoyed the narrated tour of the riverfront and taking in the scenery! Traveler Tom Caryl loved his spot by the window! Travelers Dan Coyne, Tom Caryl, Buell Christensen and Larry Lucier spent a little time out on the deck of the boat. They had a great time enjoying the breeze and watching other boats in the water. Traveler Buell Christensen and volunteer Rachel Kegley stood outside on the boat in the classic “Titanic” pose.
After the cruise we made our way to the National Blues Museum! This was our first time visiting this museum and the travelers really enjoyed themselves. There was some great interactive stations where the travelers could make music with shakers, spoons, wooden sticks etc., and stations where they could listen to blues music and even created their own blues tune! Travelers Dan Coyne, Linda Hartzell and Buell Christensen made some great music with their instruments! Travelers Ed Meyer and Kristin Knebel enjoyed listening to different instruments such has the harmonica and piano. The museum had different artifacts from various blues musicians such as Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry, who is a St. Louis native! The museum show showed blues music has influenced all music over the years. It was a great museum!
We worked up quite the appetite from our busy day so we heading to a restaurant called Scarecrow, which is right next door to our hotel. We had a delicious meal before heading back to the hotel to get packed and rested for our final day in St. Louis.

Day 3

Hello Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group had a wonderful weekend in St. Louis! We ate breakfast at our hotel, loaded up the bus and then headed to our last activity of the weekend, the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House. Once we arrived at the Butterfly House we took a group picture in front of a giant butterfly statute and met our tour guide, Elizabeth. Our tour started in the Native Butterfly Garden. The garden was beautiful and was filled with a variety of pretty flowers that are native plants that provide a great habitat for local butterflies. We strolled along the garden, took some pictures and kept an eye out for butterflies!
After touring the outdoor garden, it was time to head inside and check out the Conservatory. The Conservatory housed around 1,000 tropical butterflies! The butterflies were free flying all around us! It was so cool seeing all of the beautiful butterflies up close! One butterfly even landed on traveler Larry Lucier’s knee! It was pretty warm in the conservatory because those butterflies are used to tropical weather. Elizabeth pointed out different types of butterflies along the way as well as a display of cocoons and chrysalides. There were a lot of chrysalides on display, if you’re lucky enough you may even get to see a butterfly emerge right in front of you! Travelers also got to explore the exhibit hall which featured a variety of creatures such as scorpions, spiders and beetles!
We thanked Elizabeth for showing us around the Butterfly House, made a stop at the gift shop for some great souvenirs then headed next door to Faust Park. We had a very nice picnic at the park! We ordered Subway sandwiches (and cookies!) for lunch and relaxed in the pavilion. It was a great way to end our trip to St. Louis. After lunch, we said goodbye to  traveler Ed Meyer, who was picked up by his brother and to volunteers Rachel Kegley who traveled from Kentucky and Jill Rohr who traveled from Camp New Hope in Illinois to join us for the weekend. The rest of the gang loaded the bus and began our journey back to Iowa.
We stopped for dinner at Culver’s in Coralville, where 6 travelers were picked up. We then made our way to Marion, where the final traveler was picked up. Thanks to Treva Guyer, Carolyn Rundle, Kaleb Cook, Jill Rohr, Rachel Kegley and Tara Roehrig for volunteering this weekend. Thanks to Rolo’s cousin, Mia Vasquez for helping us out today. Mia traveled up to St. Louis from Texas and will be volunteering at Camp Courageous this coming week!