Green Bay Packers Trip

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Day 1

Good Evening Camp Courageous,

The GreenBay Packer trip is underway! We have 15 excited travelers ready to cheer on their favorite team, the Packers. We had check-in at 8:30am, where we met travelers Thomas McMillan, Mike Koppes, Daniel Farnham, Gary Fortmann and David Miller. Volunteer Mike Sacra also met us at camp for this checkin. We then made our way to Marion, where we picked up travelers Melissa Ripple, Mike Reilly and Eric Nemmers. They are pretty pumped up about this trip. After this pick-up we made our way to Coralville, where we met Austin Roehrig, Melissa Anderson, Afton Proudfit, and Floyd Miller. We also met our volunteer Tara Roehrig. We were almost complete. We had a few more travelers to pick up.
We met Kathy Kindle at the Culver’s in Davenport, where we also had lunch. Did you know that a truck accidentally ran into this restaurant? It just happened this past Friday. The driver accidentally hit the gas, when thinking he was going backwards. Luckily no one was hurt, not even the driver. We couldn’t eat inside the restaurant since it is under construction. So we had picnic on the bus instead. The travelers made the best of it and we got to GreenBay an hour earlier then planned. So that was a bonus!
We had a great drive to GreenBay. We ran into some construction, but nothing that would slow these Packer fans down! We met our final two travelers, Max Aubin and his mom, volunteer Brandi Aubin at the hotel. We got settled into our rooms and then made our way to dinner. The restaurant, 1951 West, was art of the hotel so we just walked over. They had a private room all set up for us when we arrived. The food was delicious!!! Today was volunteer Tara Roehrig’s birthday so we had to celebrate!! We ordered a triple chocolate cake for everyone to share. Our servers brought out the cake and put candles in Tara’s piece. The whole gang sang “Happy Birthday” to her as well. Tara was pretty surprised and the travelers were super excited about dessert! That cake was amazing! Now the travelers are resting up for our big day tomorrow! Stay tuned to hear all about our experience watching the Packers play at Lambeau Field!!!!


Day 2

Hello Camp Courageous!!

The Travel Group is having a wonderful day in Green  Bay so far! We started off our day with a delicious breakfast at out hotel! There was a chef making fresh, made to order omelettes!! The travelers took advantage of this and said they were great! After breakfast we made our way to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a 700 acre urban wildlife refuge. It’s also considered Green Bay’s largest city park.
When we arrived we made our way to the Nature Center which had 3 floors of nature exhibits and a gift shop, where the travelers bought some pretty cool souvenirs! Outside there was a Wildlife Habi-Trek Trail which was a paved trail though the woods with habits for wolves, deer, coyote and a fox. The travelers got to see a fox and quite a few deer up close! There were also 8-10 wild turkeys roaming around in front of us as well. It was really neat being so close to these animals!
Some groups visited the Birds of Prey building where they saw falcons and bats! There was a floating boardwalk that you could walk along. There were a ton of geese on the boardwalk! They got super close to us and didn’t seem scared at all. Off to the side of the boardwalk were beautiful waterfalls!! The scenery was just breathtaking! The travelers really enjoyed our time at the Wildlife Sanctuary!
After our time at the Sanctuary we made our way to Subway for lunch. The travelers sure had worked up quite the appetite this morning! After lunch we headed back to the hotel to rest and freshen up for the big game!!
We headed to Lambeau Field at 3:30 to take part in their tailgating activities! The Packers have a building called the Johnsonville Tailgate Village. In this building there was a live band called “Boom Box” who played lots of great hits! The travelers had a great time dancing and singing along!
There were a lot of Packer fans out today!! It was a sea of yellow and green everywhere!!Across the walkway were some booths where the travelers got todo a few activities. The travelers got to make some awesome signs to hold up during the game!! Two Packers alum were out signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. The travelers got to get Bill Ferrario and Chris Francies’ autographs!! Some groups even got to take a picture with them. Travelers also got to take pictures with Packers players on a green screen!! They loved getting the chance to pose with their favorite players!!As we were getting ready to leave the tailgate area, the marching band came out and performed!!! They band sounded awesome and got everyone pumped up!! The band was performing right in front of our group! It was really cool. After that performance we made our way to the gates and found our seats. We had great seats overlooking the Packer sideline. We had some rain earlier this afternoon but the weather cleared up for game time!After the singing of the National Anthom, we grabbed some dinner and watched the game!! The travelers were cheering and clapping the whole game! They had such a blast experiencing a pro football game!!By half time the Packers were leading the Eagles 17-6! The travelers were pumped that their team was winning!! At half time a few different youth football leagues scrimmaged. After half time, the groups visited the Packer’s gift shop to grab some awesome Packer gear!! They announced that there were 74,330 people in attendance tonight!!
As the game came to the end the travelers got more and more excited!! Our travelers are dedicated fans! The stadium had cleared out quite a bit as the 4th quarter was nearing an end but our travelers were up on their feet, holding up their signs and cheering the Packers on until the end!! The Packers won 24-9!!!! We are now resting at the hotel and preparing for our drive back to Iowa in the morning.


Day 3

Hello Camp Courageous!!

The Travel Group had a fantastic time in Green Bay!! Even tho we had a late night and got up early this morning, the travelers were in great spirits and still filled with excitement from last night’s game! We had breakfast at our hotel then packed the bus so we could start our journey back to Iowa. The drive went well and we were back in Monticello before we knew it! We stopped at Pizza Ranch for lunch and all of the travelers were picked up here as well. What a great trip! Go Pack Go!!

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