Iowa State Fair Trip

Day 1 |

Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!!

The Travel Group had a blast at the Iowa State Fair today!!! We started off our day picking up two travelers at camp before heading to Coralville, where we picked up the remaining 13 travelers. Once everyone was checked in we started our drive to Des Moines. We arrived at the Iowa State Fair around 11am. We split off into smaller groups and started exploring!
They say “Nothing Compares to State Fair Thrills” and it’s true! The Iowa State Fair Grounds is like a city all on it’s own! There was so much to see and do! We spent almost 7 hours at the fair today and still didn’t see everything! There was something for everyone, shopping, animals, a wide variety of delicious foods, shows, music and more!
Travelers Rosemary LaGrange, Cathy Jensen, Cappy Beckenbaugh and volunteer Katie Stephany started off their day checking our the DNR’s exhibits. They saw a variety of fish, learned about different pollutants that are found in bodies of water and mussel shells from mussels native to Iowa. Rosemary also took a few swings on a mini golf course. After lunch they headed over to the Varied Industries building and browsed the different booths. They got some temporary tattoos and a free Hawkeye poster at one of the booths! This group also saw some ice sculpture displays, visited the baby animals and checked out the giant pumpkins! Traveler Cappy Beckenbaugh said seeing the giant pumpkins was her favorite part. Some of the pumpkins were over 300lbs!! These ladies sure loved seeing the newborn pigs and cows! These ladies also watched a magic show and a dance performance!
Travelers Melanie Justice, Karolyn Thier, Amber Schebler, Karen Frutiger, Traci Long and Stacey Boehler and volunteers Carolyn Rundle and Betsy Rohovit started off their day with fair food! They grabbed some delicious food and enjoyed their meal at a picnic table. Afterwords, these ladies did a lots and lots of shopping!!! They also visited the Cultural Building where they saw some fun art work and the Cattle Barn where some of the ladies got to milk cows!! Karen Frutiger and Traci Long said milking the cows was their favorite part of the day! Traveler Amber Schebler said seeing the cows were her favorite part of the day.
Travelers Todd Randolph, Ben Reynolds, Don Schaul, Damon Peugh, Eric Paulsen and Jeremiah White and volunteers Levi Logan and Sam Rohovit started off their day checking out the various display booths before grabbing a delicious lunch of mexican food! These guys also did some shopping, saw some animals and checked out the DNR exhibits. Traveler Eric Paulsen said seeing the animals was his favorite part of today. Traveler Damon Peugh said his favorite part was walking around seeing everything!
All of the group enjoyed some delicious ice cream and checked our the famous Butter Cow!! You can’t go to the Iowa State Fair without seeing the Butter Cow! Travelers Cathy Jensen and Rosemary LaGrange said that seeing the Butter Cow was their favorite part of the day.  Travelers Don Schaul, Karolyn Thier, Stacey Boehler, Jeremiah White and Todd Randolph couldn’t pick just one favorite moment, they all said that they enjoyed everything about the day.
To end our day at the fair we took a big group picture and headed to the bus and started our drive back to camp. We stopped at Culver’s in Newton, IA for a delicious dinner. We then continued our drive to Coralville, where we said goodbye to 13 travelers. The 2 remaining travelers were picked up at Camp.
Thank you to my volunteers, Katie Stephany, Carolyn Rundle, Betsy Rohovit, Levi Logan and Sam Rohovit for all of your help making this a memorable day for the travelers!

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  1. Traci Long says:

    I had so much fun at the iowa state fair.
    We all had great caring counselors
    That made it fun. I’m looking forward to going to Camp Courageous august 26th to have more fun. Plus meeting Diamond the new camp dog