Hawkeye Football Weekend!!!

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Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!!!

The Travel Group started off our Hawkeye Football Weekend with a bang!! After picking up our 11 travelers in Walcott, Coralvillle and Cedar Rapids, we stopped at our hotel to drop off our luggage before heading to lunch. We made our way over to Culver’s for a delicious lunch! The travelers were super excited about cheering on their Hawkeyes this weekend!!
After our lunch, we made our way to Coralville to FRY Fest! FRY Fest is a “Celebration of all that is Hawkeye”, that is named after former Hawkeye coach, Hayden Fry. FRY Fest started back in 2009 and takes place the Friday before the first home game of the season. We arrived around 2pm and there were Hawkeye fans everywhere! There was black and gold as far as we could see! We split up into smaller groups and started exploring!
When we enter the building there was an information booth where we could register for a raffle so some groups took advantage of that! Two of our travelers even won a prize! Ray Akins won a clear Hawkeye bag and Mike Carnes won a Hawkeye t-shirt! Our next stop was a booth were we got to take group pictures with Hawkeye props! Next up we explored “The World’s Largest Hawkeye Tradeshow”. There were a ton of vendors with every kind of Hawkeye souvenirs and products that you could possibly think of! The travelers were eager to do some shopping and they sure shopped until they dropped!
Each year Fry Fest honors something new, this year they were honoring Iowa Basketball Players. We got to listen to a panel discussion of some of the 1980 Hawkeye Men’s Basketball players. The panel consisted of Mike Henry, Ronnie Lester, Steve Waite, Bobby Hansen and Kevin Boyle. Some of the players played on NBA teams such as the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers! The travelers thought this is so cool that they got to see they guys! Afterwards they signed autographs and most of our travelers got autographs from the players. Travelers Sarah Nussle and Tanna Rowe were very excited thy got to get so many autographs! The girl’s groups also got to listen to a panel discussion of some of the Women’s Basketball players and got their autographs as well!
The groups explored more of the tradeshow before heading our to the High Porch Block Party where we grabbed some dinner from various food trucks and HY-Vee. It was a nice evening to spend some time outside! There was a band called the Pork Tornados playing some hit songs after we ate. Travelers John Larkin and Stephen Esker were dancing away!!
After listening to the music for a little while we made our back back inside to get read for the Pep Rally! Once inside the whole group got together for a picture with Herky!! Traveler Toni Muters ran up and gave Herky a big hug! Soon after the band, dance squad cheerleading squad came out to perform. They played the Iowa Fight Song and some other great hits that got the group pumped up!! The travelers were cheering and dancing away!  It was a great performance and a great way to end our first day of the trip! We ran into several other travelers and Camp Courageous campers at Fry Fest! It was great to see so many familiar faces!
After the Pep Rally ended we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for game day tomorrow!!

Day 2

Hello Camp Courageous!!!
The Travel Group had an AMAZING time at the Hawkeye Football game today!!We started our day with a delicious breakfast at our hotel then we made our way to Kinnick Stadium. We were held up in some traffic for a little while but we made the best of it! We sang along to the radio and played “I spy” during our drive. When we arrived at the stadium the travelers cheered! They were so excited! This was Tanna Rowe’s first Hawkeye game and she couldn’t wait for it to get started!!
We made our way through the crowd and found our seats just in time for the kick off. We had really great seats!  We had a perfect view of the field! The Hawkeyes were playing the Wyoming Cowboys! The travelers said at the beginning of the game that they thought their Hawkeyes were going to win today!! Then the Cowboys scored a field goal. But that didn’t stop the travelers from cheering loudly and enthusiastically for the Hawkeyes! And the next thing we knew, the Hawkeyes scored a TOUCHDOWN!!!! The travelers were on their feet and celebrating!!
Once again we ran into some other travelers and Camp Courageous campers! Jerry Seydel, Gary Keely and Katie Stephan saw our group and stopped by to say hi. It’s always great to see our camp friends! We met a lot of friendly people at the game today. One family, the Clayton family from Cedar Rapids were sitting close to our group and they bought the travelers an ice cream cone! The travelers loved this surprise and we were so thankful for their generosity to our group!
We grabbed some lunch at the stadium and continued watching the game! Its as an exciting game! The Hawkeyes made some great plays and scored more touchdowns!!! The Hawkeye beat the Cowboys 24-3!!!! The travelers were super excited!!!! They were giving high fives all around after the win!!!
On our way back to the bus, the band marched past us while playing a song! We stopped and listened for a few minutes as they went by.  Once we got back to the bus we headed to the Black & Gold shop to buy some awesome Hawkeye gear!!! The travelers made some great purchases then we headed over to Cheddar’s for dinner. We sure had worked up quite the appetite from all of the cheering and excitement of the game!! Our dinner was delicious and our server, Jaclyn was wonderful! She wanted to do something for our group so she brought out fresh warm chocolate chip cookies for everyone!! What a great way to end our day!!


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  1. Leslie Nussle says:

    It looks like everyone had a great time! What a win! Go Hawks!
    Thanks so much for all the pictures and blog updates!