Radio personalities attend the Camp Courageous Pancake Breakfast and Open House

This year’s Sunday Pancake Breakfast and Open House had some great radio personalities attend.  Each did not have much sleep, due to an exciting Iowa Football game that went until after 10 PM Saturday.  Still full of above-and-beyond dedication, we are very grateful to, Gary Dolphin, play-by-play broadcaster for the University of Iowa Football;  Andy Peterson, award winning WMT broadcaster; and Jon Swisher, KMCH radio and audio producer on the Hawkeye Radio Network.  We have many fond memories of Gary Dolphin having a late night with Iowa Football, then traveling to Cascade to pick-up his Mom to bring her to the breakfast.  She was a very dedicated camp volunteer.

WMT’s Frank Balvanz continues to do an exceptional job of broadcasting live from the lodge during the camp’s breakfasts.  We are grateful to these kind and caring individuals, all influenced in a very special way by Leo Greco.