Camp Courageous is saddened by the loss of Velva Gadient

Velva Gadient, 91, of Monticello has passed away.  Her husband, Irv, was one of Camp Courageous’ earliest board members and both her sons, Gary and Jim served on the board too.  Velva was the dedicated hard working volunteer behind all of them.  Always quietly in the background, working away for camp.   Irv and I would be at the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Convention in Des Moines in the middle of every February for three days.  At the end of February was the annual Prairieburg Dance, which was Irv’s big fund raiser for camp.  Because we were in Des Moines, Velva carried the load of this big event, and would go up and down main street selling tickets to the dance and raffle.  It was a huge success, because of Velva.   She was also part of a flower garden group that planted flowers at camp during camp’s earliest years.  And she often made goodies for the campers and staff.  A good and caring lady, I’ll always remember the above and beyond she constantly did for others…she leaves a beautiful legacy… cwb