UNI Football Weekend!!

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Day 1

Good Evening Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group is headed to another football game this weekend! This time we are headed to Cedar Falls to see the UNI Panthers! The travelers are super excited for the game tomorrow! We started off our trip by picking up our 8 travelers. We met Roger Prior and Jim Long in Walcott and Maria Guzman, Gary Keely, Sandy Snyder and Shaila Davis in Coralville. We then made our way back to camp where we met travelers Darren Corkery and Bonnie Maiers and our 8 volunteers. Thanks to Carolyn Rundle, Amelia Gordon, Maggie Dirks, Nicole Tryon, Katie Stephany, Hanna Sternberg, Sam LaFrance and Kenneth Penzkover for volunteering this weekend! Thanks to Rolo for helping me with pick ups and thanks to nursing for having all of the meds organized and ready to go!
Once we had everyone checked in and on the bus we made our way into town to Pizza Ranch! We had our fill of pizza, chicken and dessert then made our way back to camp. We got settled in South Cabin and the group is now resting up for our big day tomorrow!
Have a great night!
-Travel Team

Day 2

Good Evening Camp Courageous!

The Travel Group had a fantastic time in Cedar Falls today!! We started off our day with a breakfast of fruit, pancakes and eggs made by yours truly. 🙂 After breakfast we loaded the bus and made our way to the University of Northern Iowa! It was a nice drive on this beautiful fall day! We arrived at the UNI Dome shortly before noon and the travelers were super excited!! They cheered as we pulled up to the arena! We came prepared to show our Panther spirit for the game! We wore our awesome purple travel shirts and we also had TC stickers, “I love UNI” pins and UNI posters!! The travelers were pumped and ready for the game to start! We made our way to our seats and got settled just in time for the game to begin.
We had a few visitors while we were at the game today! First, traveler Bonnie Maiers’ sister Beth was also at the game so she came over to say hi. Bonnie’s nephew Lucas is a flute player in the UNI Marching Band and he also stopped by to say hi to his Bonnie. Next to visit the group was a student named Jessica Crook. Jessica is interested in volunteering with camp and knew that we would be at the game so she stopped by to meet the group. The last to visit our group was a few members of the Marching Band!! A few guys came over with their instruments and shook hands with the travelers, asked if our group was having a great time and thanked us for coming. The travelers loved that they stopped by!!
UNI always starts off their football games with their Alma Mater followed by the National Anthem. Travelers Roger Prior and Darren Corkery were singing along to the National Anthem and it was great! Afterwards the crowd cheered and the game started! The UNI Panthers were playing the Youngstown Penguins! Meanwhile, we grabbed some lunch from the concession stands and enjoyed the game! UNI scored a field goal and a touchdown in the 2nd quarter and the travelers were excited!! Towards the end of the 2nd quarter the Penguins scored a touchdown but the Panthers came back and scored another touchdown!!
Next up was the half time show!! The Marching Band and Dance Team took the field! The half time show was a tribute to “Middle School Dances”. They performed songs such as Nsync’s “Bye Bye Bye”, Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” and “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. The Marching Band and Dance Team were terrific!! The Travelers enjoyed the show! Traveler Shaila Davis especially like listening to the band!. After half time the travelers made their way over to the Panther gift shop to grab some souvenirs! They loved showing off their purchases!
During the 3rd quarter, the Panthers scored another field goal, bringing the score up to 19-7! The Penguins scored another touchdown but the Panthers still came out on top!! The Panthers won 19-14!!! The travelers were cheering and filled with excitement!!! After the game was over the fans were able to go out onto the field!! So we had to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!!!! We made our way downstairs and out onto the field! We took some great pictures out there!! Travelers Gary Keely, Darren Corkery and Maria Guzman got to take pictures with one of the football players and a cheerleader!! How cool is that?!? After we took a group picture in the middle of the field we made our way over to the Rialto, a dining hall on the UNI campus. This place was really nice!! There was a ton of different kinds of food and drinks. Pretty much everything you can think of! It was great!! Some travelers (and volunteers) couldn’t decide what to eat so they ate a little of everything!! They even had a dessert bar! Once we had a fill of food we started making our way back over to the arenas.
Our original plan was to stay after dinner for the Volleyball game, however on our walk back from dinner the sky got pretty dark and we could hear the thunder in the distance. I had been keeping an eye on the weather all day and it was showing that the storms were coming in fast and it had potential to be severe. So I made the decision to leave earlier than planned so we could avoid driving during the more severe part of the storms. We loaded the bus just in time! It started to rain right as we were closing the doors. We hit a some rain and lightening on our drive but then the rain stopped. We made it back to camp around 9pm and got ready for bed! The travelers were practically asleep before their heads even hit the pillows!! Just shows how much fun they had today!! Traveler Darren Corkery told us that he had “the best day ever”! That’s why we do this!!  It’s so awesome to see our travelers having a blast!
Hope you all had a great day!
-Travel Team


Day 3

Hello Camp Courageous!!

The Travel Group had a long day of fun yesterday so we slept in a little, showered and enjoyed a late breakfast in the lodge. We got everything cleaned up in the cabin and in the lodge and socialized while enjoying some coffee and delicious food. The travelers were all picked up between 11-11:30am.
THANK YOU to all of my wonderful volunteers this weekend!! Carolyn Rundle, Kenneth Penzkover, Katie Stephany, Nicole Tryon, Maggie Dirks, Sam LaFance, Hanna Sternberg and Amelia Gordon you all did a fantastic job and I am so grateful for all of your hard work! The travelers sure had a great time thanks to all of you!
I also need to send out a big THANK YOU to all of the travelers that attended this trip! Maria Guzman, Sandy Snyder, Gary Keely, Roger Prior, Jim Long, Shaila Davis, Darren Corkery and Bonnie Maiers, we had so much fun spending the weekend with you all! Thanks so much for traveling to UNI with us!! We look forward to traveling with you all again!