Hallo-Weekend Trip!!

Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

Hello Camp Courageous!!

The Travel Group had a fantastic day!! We started off our day picking up our travelers in “Haunted Henry”! We decorated our travel bus, Henry for Halloween!! Traveler Jill Michalek said she loved the decorations! We even had spooky Halloween music playing!  First up, we met travelers David Miller and Katie Berrey at Camp then made our way to Marion to pick up Aaron Schantz. Our next stop was Coralville, where we met Ben Lewis, Jill MIchalek and Jeff Stohler. Our last stop was the Culver’s in Davenport, where met Karen Frutiger, Jeremiah White, JoAnn Malik and Terry Hagedorn and then grabbed some lunch.
The travelers were ready to get the Halloween festivities underway! Some of the travelers arrived in their costumes and others borrowed a costume from CC Fashions for the day. The travelers sure had some great costumes!! Jill Michalek dressed up as a pumpkin, Karen Frutiger was Fred Flintstone, Jeremiah White was a prisoner, Terry Hagedorn was an astronaut, JoAnn Malik was a chocolate chip cookie, Katie Berrey was a M&M, David Miller was a hotdog, Aaron Schantz was Michael Jackson, Ben Lewis was a “Cereal Killer”, Austin Roehrig had a great Herky outfit and Jeff Stohler preferred to just stay bundled up in his jacket.
Once we were all set in our costumes we made our way to downtown Davenport for their Halloween Parade! The travelers (and staff!) were super excited about this parade because no one in our group had been to a Halloween Parade before. We found the perfect spot to stand and watch the parade!! We had a few minutes to wait before the parade began so we did some dancing and singing to help pass the time and to keep warm! It was pretty breezy being so close to the river but the travelers didn’t mind! They were having a blast! We were in a prime candy receiving location!!! The travelers were cheering and waving to all of the parade participants and got rewarded with all kinds of goodies!! Their pockets were overflowing! Some travelers even received coozies and drawstring bags! We saw dance teams, cub scouts, girl scouts, members of the military and more participating in the parade! The travelers from HDC knew one of the parade participants and she gave the group extra candy!! Some of the groups were playing music while walking in the parade and the travelers were having a great time singing and dancing along!
Once the parade was over, we made our way to the bus and headed to Red Robin in Cedar Rapids for dinner. We met up with our final traveler, Austin Roehrig here as well. We had our fill of great burgers and endless fries and it was delicious!! After dinner we went across the street to Spirit Halloween to check out all of the Halloween costumes and accessories! Some travelers bought a few accessories and David Miller decided to purchase an awesome Batman costume for tomorrow!
Our last stop of the night was Indian Creek Nature Center. The Nature Center was having a “Scary Stories on the Lawn” program. Storyteller, Darrin Crow was going to be telling scary stories around a fire! The travelers were excited about this activity!! When we arrived the fire was already started so we made our way over to the fire ring and grabbed a seat around the fire. Darrin introduced himself and got started telling stories!! He told us about 5 stories and even sang us a song! A couple of the stories were “The Story of the Boy who had no Story”, “Wicked John and the Devil and “The Lady with the Golden Arm”. Darrin told us that “The Lady with the Golden Arm” was one of Mark Twain’s favorite stores. In this story a lady lost her arm and it was replaced with a golden arm. This lady told her husband that when she died she wanted the golden arm to be buried with her. The lady ends up dying and the husband follows through with his wife’s wishes and buried the golden arm with his wife. The husband falls on hard times and really could use some money so he eventually digs up his wife so he can get the golden arm and sell it. He does but then the wife comes back to haunt him!! He heard loud banging and a voice kept repeating “Give me back my….” until it got closer and closer!!! Darrin took this opportunity to jump and shout and an audience member! But the boy he tried to scare didn’t flinch but I think everyone else did!
Darrin was a great storyteller! He kept everyone engaged and was really entertaining! After a couple stories they passed out hot chocolate to everyone! This was a nice treat on this chilly October night! Darrin told a another story or two then they surprised us with s’mores!! They had all kinds of extra ingredients too such as reese’s cups, nutella, cookies and of course the classic hershey’s and graham crackers. Most travelers went with the original s’more but Ben Lewis tried a reese cup s’more and said it was delicious! Darrin told one more story and an audience member told us a story to end our night. It was such a fun time!! The travelers loved it and were talking about it on the bus ride back to camp.
We arrived back at camp and got settled into Pitlik for the night. Tomorrow is full of more Halloween fun so stay tuned!!
Happy Halloween!!!

Day 2

Hello Camp Courageous!!!!

The Travel Group had another fun filled day of celebrating Halloween!!! We started off our day with a delicious homemade breakfast of pancakes, eggs and fruit! Thanks to Rolo for helping me get breakfast ready! After breakfast we carved and painted pumpkins. Thanks to Colony Pumpkin Patch and to Norm and Deborah Mills for donating pumpkins!!! The travelers had a great time carving and painting their pumpkins! Their pumpkins turned out great!! Each traveler got to take their pumpkin home, which they were super excited about!!
After we finished with the pumpkins, we loaded the bus and made our way to Bloomsbury Farm! We split up into two groups and went off to explore! One group headed straight for the gift shop!! Travelers Karen Frutiger and Jill Michalek tried some delicious samples of fudge and some travelers got some kettle corn!! Next up this group went in to the “Slaughterhouse” haunted house. Travelers Austin Roehrig, Karen Frutiger and Katie Berrey went through the haunted house with staff Hanna and Melissa. Austin was really brave and lead the group through!! There were some startling surprises around most corners!! After the group made it through the haunted house they played basketball before grabbing some lunch.
After lunch this group stopped by to see the animals. We saw some goats, sheep and llamas. Traveler JoAnn Malik loved visiting the animals! Our next stop was a hayride! We hopped on the wagon and a tractor took us on a ride around the farm and through a pumpkin patch. It was a nice relaxing ride! After the wagon ride we made a stop and the corn box. Travelers Austin Roehrig and Karen Frutiger went inside the corn box and buried their feet in the corn!
The other group headed straight to grab some lunch once we arrived at the farm. Afterwards Travelers Jeremiah White and Ben Lewis joined volunteer Sam LaFrance in the Slaughter House. Ben and Jeremiah and poking fun at Sam for being scared! Next up they also played some basketball. This group then went over to the Pumpkin Blaster and watch three pumpkins get shot out into the field. They loved it!!! They then made their way to the gift shop and enjoyed some homemade fudge and almonds. This group ended their visit by visiting the animals. Traveler David Miller fed the animals and absolutely loved it!
Before we knew it, it was time to head to our next activity! Our next stop was the Theisen’s in Coralville for their Dog-O-Ween event. This was a dog Halloween costume contest! The travelers got a from row view of all of the dogs! The contest was divided into two parts, the first was for dogs dressed in costume alone and the second was for dogs dressed in costume with a companion. We saw dogs dressed up as a spider, Star Wars characters, a hotdog vendor, mad scientist, Harry Potter, Willy Wonka chocolate bar, lion and a mummy! The hot dog vendor won first place for the single dogs and the dig dressed up as a Willy Wonka bar won first place in the companion contest. The dog the was chocolate bar, the dad was Willy Wonka, the mom was Veruca, and there were two kids one dressed as a golden ticket and the other was an oompa loompa.
After the dog show we made our way to Monticello for dinner at Pizza Ranch! We sure worked up an appetite!! After dinner we started our trick or treating route! Thanks to Charlie and Pat Becker, Matt Bollwitt and family, Amanda and Bailey Brenneman, the Morales family, James Kurth and family, the Luetkemeier’s, Jeanne Muellerleile, Sabrina Strella, ReAnna Davis-Spracklin, Danielle Thyfault and Niv Shinde, Sandy Stamp, and Diane Sneed and her daughter for passing out candy to our travelers!!
Once we were finished trick or treating the travelers were picked up here at camp. It was a fantastic weekend! Thanks to all of the travelers for doing us on this trip! We had a lot of fun with you all! Thanks to our volunteers Sam LaFrance, Hanna Steinberg and Dustin Baker for all of your help this weekend!!