Kahler Family Visits Camp

The family of Dick & Alice Kahler stand in front of a plaque in the camp’s Visitors Center that honors their parents. Their plan was to come in June, but living in Palo, the area flooding had a major impact on their lives. We were honored they came to camp to see where the gifts had gone and to better understand their parent’s love for camp.

Camp’s Beckwith Visitors Center serves many purposes. Not only is it the first stop for all visitors to the camp, but it also includes the camp store and a meeting room. The meeting room is used to show all first-time visitors the camp’s DVD presentation, which gives them an idea of the many activities that campers particiate in during their attendance. Without the generous donation of individuals, families, and businesses, it would be impossible to have such a facility.  If you would like to inquire about supporting the Visitors Center you can conact Charlie at 319-465-5916, ext. 2100 or cbecker@campcourageous.org.