Camp Courageous will miss Judy Arp

Judy ArpJudy Arp, 78, of Wilton, passed away Thanksgiving Day, 2017.  Judy filled many hearts with kindness over her years, thus it seemed only fitting, that a person we are so thankful for, would pass on Thanksgiving Day.  Visited with Ray Arp at his home, after Judy’s passing.  Ray gave the eulogy at Judy’s funeral, and he was so kind to read it to me…it was one of the most heart warming eulogies I have ever heard.  Many of Judy’s memorials came to Camp.   Ray was a confirmed bachelor, but Ray & Judy met at the Col Ballroom in Davenport in about 1978, where both loved to dance.  In 1979 they were married.  Upon arriving at Ray’s house I was greeted by the sound of “You Are My Sunshine” coming from Ray and his accordion.  Ray was a great fan of Leo Greco and was the last to leave Leo’s gravesite, after he was laid to rest.  Both Ray & Leo enjoy(ed) entertaining at Homes for Seniors.  Ray’s friend from down the road, Bud White, a very talented wood crafter, stopped by and was also a Leo fan.  We had a great visit about the old days.  Camp’s sympathy goes out to Ray and Bud, for the passing of their spouses, Judy & Betty.  The world is a better place today, thanks to their kindness and love.