Weber Stone continues to support Camp Courageous

Weber Stone

(Left-Right)  Pat Deutmeyer, Seth Deutmeyer, and Mike Deutmeyer.

Keeping with the family tradition, generations 3 and 4 recently made a major donation to Camp.  Bill Weber, with the support of his wife, Marge, was among the first Camp Courageous Board Members.  He later became an Honorary Board Member.  Bill (Weber Stone) donated the stone that went into building camp’s first five buildings.  Bill & Marge’s daughter, Joyce Deutmeyer, later became a board member throughout the 80s and 90s.  Frank & Joyce Deutmeyer continued the tradition of providing beautiful Stone City stone to camp.  Generation three, Mike and Pat Deutmeyer have followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents in their support.  Along with their continued donation of stone, they recently donated 3 beautiful lots in Anamosa to the Camp!  And the next generation is already started, with Seth Deutmeyer, Mike’s son, and the 4th generation now involved with the camp.  Bill lead by example and what a beautiful example he set for future generations…he would be so proud.  A huge thank you to Pat, Seth, and Mike…three hard working, dedicated and fun individuals.