Dubuque Fighting Saints Hockey Day Trip!

Day 1

Day 1


Hello Camp Courageous!

We started off the day picking up our travelers. We met Kathy Kindle in Walcott, Michael Cannon, Rachel Villhauer, Maria Guzman, Heath Kauffman and Tanna Rowe in Coralville and Dan Ruttan and Allan Findling at Camp. Once we had the whole group, we made our way to Dubuque to the Mystique Community Ice Center, home of the Fighting Saints! The travelers were pumped for the game! This was Heath, Michael, Maria, Allan and Kathy’s first time attending a hockey game so they were really looking forward to this new experience.
When we arrived at the arena, we made our way inside and took some pictures and visited with the Fighting Saints’ mascot, Bernie. The travelers loved getting the chance to take a picture with him! Once the doors opened at 6pm and we made our way to the Medical Associates Club where we enjoyed a delicious buffet before the game. We had the choice of salmon, chicken, mixed veggies, roasted potatoes, salad, dinner rolls and a cookies & cream dessert! There were even little reserved tags on the table labeled with “ Camp Courageous”! The travelers loved getting this VIP treatment! During dinner the Director of Hockey came in and shared the strategy for tonight’s game with everyone in the club. He also stayed for a few minutes to answer any questions.  As we were finishing dinner, I told the travelers that I had a surprise for them!! Rachel couldn’t wait to hear what I had planned!! The surprise was that our group was going to get to go down to the tunnel and give the Fighting Saints players high fives as they went back out on the ice after intermission!! The travelers were so excited for this amazing opportunity!!
After we had dinner, we made our way to our seats which were right outside of the club. We had a great view of the arena! The Fighting Saints played the Lincoln Stars tonight! As soon as the game started our group started cheering on the Saints! The Stars scored first but the Saints scored a goal in the first quarter as well. Fellow traveler, Katie Stephan was at the game with her dad and had spotted our group. She stopped by to say hi so we invited her to join our group for the high five tunnel! After the first period was over, it was time for the high five tunnel so we made our way over to Fan Services where we were lead down to the tunnel. The group lined up and got ready to greet the players!! The team came out of the locker room and high fived the travelers as they went back out on the ice! The travelers were smiling, high fiving and cheering the players on! It was such a wonderful an unique experience for them!
After all of them players had made their way back on the ice, we headed back to our seats to watch the second period. The Stars scored another goal in the second period while the Saints stayed at 1 goal. The travelers also did some shopping during this time. Kathy had been looking forward to shopping all day! Maria and Rachel couldn’t wait to get back to the group to show off their purchases! Everyone chose great souvenirs!! Dan is a big Fighting Saints fan and he was excited to find a bell with a new design on it to add to his collection. Before we knew it, the third period started and the Stars scored two more goals! The Saints scored a goal with 3 minutes to go and the crowd went wild! Everyone was on their feet cheering! Unfortunately, the Saints lost 2-4 but that didn’t stop our group from having a blast!
After the game, we loaded the bus and made our way back  to camp. All of the travelers have been picked up.
Big thank you to Katie, Jordon, Chris, Lincoln, the Fighting Saints players and the rest of the crew for all of their generosity and help with organizing our group’s visit! Our group had a wonderful time! It was a great experience for them and we really appreciate all that you did to make tonight memorable for them! Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, Sonya, Lance, Quinn, Treva and Uriel as well as to all of or travelers for joining us for this trip!

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