Courageous Travels: Chicago Cubs Day Trip

Day 1

Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!!

The travel group spent the day I. Chicago at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs take on the Colorado Rockies! ! We started our day bright and early at 6am. I  met 8 travelers and our 4 volunteers at Camp and Rolo met our other 7 travelers in Dubuque. The travelers came decked out in their Cubs gear ready to cheer on their favorite team!
We all boarded the bus and started our drive to Chicago.

It was a beautiful morning for a drive. We were ahead of schedule and arrived at Wrigley Field in no time. We  only had to wait a few minutes for the gates to open. While we were waiting we took a group picture and a nice lady gave our group Cubs stickers.

Once the gates opened we made our way into the stadium. We didn’t have to wait in any lines, a perk of going to a weekday game in May! We made our way to our seats and grabbed some lunch! Our seats were great! We had a great view and we were in the shade!

We had time before the game started so we just relaxed and enjoyed our delicious ball park lunch! The travelers were super exited and couldn’t wait to shop, especially Kathy and Bonnie. I assured everyone that we would get to shop after lunch. Shortly after the game started the group’s took turns checking out the Cubs gift shop. The travelers bought all kinds of great cubs gear!!

After they shopped, we settled in to watch more of the game. The Rockies scored first and by the end of the 2nd inning the Rockies were up  3-0 and by the end of the 3rd inning the Rockies were up 4-0. But this didn’t stop the travelers from having a great time and they co tinier to cheer on the Cubs!!

By the 5th inning the score was 6-1! The Cubs were on the board and the travelers were so excited for a run! The Cubs scored again in the 6th inning!! The travelers cheered! Traveler Chris H. told us that he was having fun! Before we knew it, it was time for the 7th inning stretch! Everyone stood and sang along to “Take me put to the ballgame”.  By the 8th inning the Rockies were up 10-2 and then they scored one more run in the 9th inning and the game ended with a score of 11-2. They travelers were sad that the. I s lost but they sure did enjoy this experience!

After the game, we made our way to the bus and began our drive back to Iowa. We stopped to grab dinner to go from Culver’s and got back on the road. We dropped off travelers in Dubuque then Rolo headed to Davenport and I headed to Cedar Rapids to drop off more travelers. We dropped off the last traveler in Monticello. Thank you to all of the travelers, Ron, Jim G., Sara, Kathy, LeAnn, Bonnie, Josh, Matt, Dallas, Jim B., Brian and Chris Todd for traveling with us! Thank you to our volunteers Mike, Carolyn, Sarah and Amelia for all of your help today!


Travel Team