Courageous Travels: Adventureland Trip!!

Day 1 |

Day 1

Good Evening Courageous Travels,

What an awesome day trip we had at Adventureland!! Lots of great rides, shows, and food! The best part, there was hardly anyone at the park! So the travelers didn’t even have to wait that long in line!

Let’s begin our journey shall we…

The trip started pretty early! 6:15am checkin at Camp Courageous. We had 2 Travelers that spent a week at camp, Ray and Barb, who had a chance to extend their vacation on the Adventureland trip. It’s nice when that happens! Thanks to their wonderful counselors for getting them ready! We then welcomed Kevin and Doug. We also had Sara one of our volunteers show up at Camp too! They were all early which meant we were on the road in no time!

We made our way to Marion where we met up with Mike our volunteer and traveler Jennifer who went to Maine two weeks ago and new traveler Beth! She was all full of joy when we saw her! It was great to see her excitement!

Before we knew it, we were on our way to Coralville where we met the rest of our group. Travelers James, Jared, Jennifer, Joshua, Rosemary,  Chris, Austin, Laurie, and Aileen were waiting patiently for our bus. We also met volunteer Jean. They were super excited!

We welcomed the group and made our way to Adventureland!!

It was a quick drive, relaxing and listening to music on the way. When we got there, we were greeted and unloaded as close as we could get! Which was great! Melissa checked us in, Kody had everyone putting sunscreen on along with our wonderful volunteers, and Rolo parked the bus! We were a dynamite team!  We even had our hats on!

After using the restrooms, we made our way through the gates, took a group picture and continued the fun! This was even some travelers’ first time at Adventureland so they were super excited for what was in store!

The first thing everyone wanted to do was ride the train! So we did! They loved it!! They waved to all the people, enjoyed the scenery and picked out the rides they wanted to go on! Doug said that it was his favorite ride all day!

After the train ride, our big group split into two smaller groups; Melissa and Jean took their ladies towards the carousel while Kody, Rolo, Sarah, and Mike went towards the Galleon with their group of boys and Aileen.
Jennifer F, Jenny D, Barb, Laurie, and Rosemary loved riding around on the carousel. Bernie the Adventureland dog mascot was walking by at that time and posed for pictures with all of the ladies. Next, Jennifer F chose to ride the Giant Skywheel and she loved being able to see the whole park while they were stopped at the top. The travelers wanted to check out the merchandise, so they went on a shopping spree and purused a few stores before lunch.
The boys, Sarah, and Aileen traveled over to the Galleon where Kevin, Chris, Austin, and Josh became pirates and sailed through the Caribbean, ARRG! The group walked over to the Falling Star next where Josh, Kevin, Chris, Austin, and Ray went around and around and around! Austin loved being at the top and looking at all the people below. Keeping with the adrenaline rides, the group traveled over to the Space Shot and they were launched out of this world!
Both groups met up for lunch at Rathskeller and we chowed down on some hamburgers and hot dogs. Once everyone was done eating, they all starting talking about which rides they still wanted to go and what we couldn’t miss. The boys, Sarah, and Aileen went over to the Tea Cups where Josh, James, Aileen, Austin, Kevin, Ray, Jared, and Chris went around in circles for tea time.
Next on the agenda was the newest roller coaster, The Monster!! The brave ones to test out this coaster were Austin, Josh, Kevin, and Chris! It was such a thrilling ride and the picture that they snapped showed priceless faces on all of us! They were so funny that Kevin and Austin both decided to purchase a copy. Riding the coaster enthusiasm, Josh, Ray, Kevin, Chris, and Austin decided to take on the Dragon and the Outlaw!! We sure had a thrill-seeking group!
The group took a little ice cream break and cooled down in the shade. We were right next to the Saw Mill Splash so James, Chris, and Austin took a trip down the water slide, even though they didn’t get very wet. Some members of our group wanted to go ride the Sidewinder before meeting up with the other group so Chris, Austin, Kevin, and Ray had a blast swinging around!
Meanwhile, the girls’ group and Rolo decided to check out the local magician and comedian, Ben Ulin, at Sheriff Sam’s Saloon. The travelers laughed so much and were amazed at all his amazing tricks! Laurie, Rosemary, and Jennifer F took Rolo and Melissa on a trip down the Raging River in hopes of soaking them, and they accomplished their mission walking off the ride dripping wet!
The two groups met up for the 3pm showing of the Adventureland Circus under the Big Top! There were magicians who changed their outfits in a split second, a contortionist that could fit into a box, a juggler who could juggle with his mouth, and acrobats with a Wheel of Destiny! Jared loved the circus so much! He had a giant smile the entire time and was clapping along with the rest of the travelers and crowd.
The girls’ group went back to Main Street and shopped till they dropped! Some of the travelers were even walking out of stores with multiple bags of souvenirs!
The boys’ group decided to go to the Raging River after the circus and Austin, Aileen, Ray, Josh, and Chris all got so wet on this raging rapid-filled river! Aileen was giggling the whole time and even wanted to go again because she was having the time of her life! The group traveled down to the scary Underground and James, Austin, and Chris were the brave few to dare even go underground. We started walking back towards Main Street to do some shopping while Chris, Austin, Kevin, and Sarah decided to ride the Space Shot one last time.  The boys browsed the different stores and a few of them bought some souvenirs to remember the trip.
Rolo walked over to Jethro’s n Jake’s Smokehouse Steaks to get our table ready for dinner while Melissa brought the bus up to pick up all the travelers and volunteers. A quick drive down the road to the restaurant where we found Rolo waiting outside for us. Everyone enjoyed eating different bbq meals and filled up after a long day of walking. After a filling meal and everyone had used the bathroom, we boarded the bus and made our way back towards camp.
The first stop was in Coralville were we unfortunately had to say goodbye to volunteer Jean and many of our travelers like Josh, Austin, James, Rosemary, Barb, Aileen, Ray, Jared, Jennifer F, Chris, and Laurie.
Making good time, we traveled to Marion to drop off two of our travelers, Jenny D and Beth, and we also said goodbye to volunteer Mike. This was Beth’s first trip and she said that she had such a great time!
We started driving towards Camp Courageous where we parted ways with travelers Kevin and Doug and our volunteer Sarah. 
Today was such a great trip to Adventureland! The travelers went on all their favorite rides, shopped at some cool stores, saw some amazing performances, and were able to have a great outing with new and old friends! We couldn’t have had such a wonderful trip without our volunteers’ help and the positive attitudes from all of our travelers! 
– Travel Team