Courageous Travels: Celebration Belle Trip


Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!
Our travelers were so excited to dance the night away on the Celebration Belle in Moline, IL!
We started our adventure at Camp where we met our three volunteers; Brenda, Penny, and Carson. We also met three of our travelers at camp; Susie, Dirk, and Allan. With everyone loaded on the bus we made our way to Marion where we picked up traveler Terry Y. The next stop on our list was in Coralville where all the travelers were so excited that everyone was there early. The travelers that we picked up in Coralville were Josh, Tim, Phillip, Jim, and Kata.
We made our way over to Moline and met up with our final travelers, Sarah, Stacey, Jennifer, Dennis, Rick, Mike, and Terry H. We arrived to the Celebration Belle early enough that our travelers were able to go through the gift shop and get some cool souvenirs, which Stacey said was her favorite part.
We loaded the boat and found our seats, turns out we were sitting next to a fellow traveler/camper Caleb Heisz and his family which was a pleasant surprise! There were a couple of other large groups aboard the boat and Terry Y. wanted to introduce himself to everyone, he is such a social butterfly. They even gave shoutouts to all the groups and when they said Courageous Travels Jim started cheering as loud as he could because he was having such a great time. The travelers enjoyed a delicious meal in buffet style. Mike and Rick both agreed they wish they could keep going up because the food was so good!
The band, Take Two, were playing great music the entire time, Dennis and Susie were swaying to the music the entire time. Josh was singing to every song all night. After the meal, they opened up the dance floor and Terry H. was the first one on the dance floor, he danced all night, and was the last one to leave the dance floor. At one point they played the Electric Slide and the travelers were trying to teach the moves to Melissa!
There were two upper decks and people were able to go up there and just watch as we floated through the Mississippi River. Rick said it was so cool to be up on the 4th deck. When the boat docked, our travelers were sad to go. Kata said that this was the best time ever! This was both Sarah and Jennifer’s first trip and they said they were having so much fun and that they can’t want to go on more travel trips!
We said goodbye to a few travelers in Moline. Rick, Mike, Dennis, Terry H., Sarah, Stacey and Jennifer were all picked up at the Celebration Belle. We then drove to Coralville and said goodbye to travelers Tim, Josh, Phillip, Jim, and Kata. Our next stop was Marion were we said farewell to Terry Y. Our final stop was camp were we parted ways with the travelers Susie, Allan and Dirk and volunteers Brenda and Penny.
It was a great trip to the Celebration Belle dinner cruise! The travelers made it such a positive trip and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our volunteers! Thank you!
-Travel Team