Courageous Travels: Door County

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!!
Today we started our weekend Door County Trip! Kody and Melissa started the trip by leaving this morning to go pick up the travelers. The first stop was in Walcott to pick up traveler Stacy. The second stop was in Coralville to meet up with travelers Jon, Chris, and Austin. Our third stop was in Marion to pick up travelers Felicia and Jesse. We also picked up our wonderful volunteer Carissa. Our final pick up spot was in Monticello where we met travelers Jayme, Michael, Susie, Deanna, and Tribecca. We also met up with our equally great volunteer Elijah.
We ate lunch in Monticello at the local Pizza Ranch and the rest of the Travel Team, Rolo and Charlotte, surprised our travelers by helping with check in! Once everyone’s stomachs were full, we loaded the bus and made our way to Wisconsin. Along our drive, the travelers watched a few movies, relaxed, napped a little, and took in the views.
We ate dinner at the Waterfront Bar & Grill in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, which Jon said the food rocked! After our meal we headed over to the Coho Motel where we will be staying the next two nights. We unloaded all the luggage and got situated in our rooms. There’s a patio out back of our rooms and Jon, Susie, and Jayme all said the view was beautiful. Everyone got ready for bed and just relaxed in and outside of the rooms, excited for tomorrow!
-Travel Team

Day 2

Hello Courageous Travels!!

We had a fun filled day exploring Door County! We had breakfast in our rooms at our hotel this morning. After breakfast we headed over to the gift shop at our hotel. What better way to start the day than with shopping?!?

After everyone picked out some souvenirs, we hopped into the bus and made our way to Sturgeon Bay. Our first was the Maritime on Madison Festival! Once we arrived we spilt into two groups and went off to explore!

The groups visited many vendors and found items that they just had to get! Popular items were jewelry and Maritime Museum souvenirs! Susie found a sparkly bracelet she couldn’t live without and Tribecca found a coloring book! Some travelers got some popcorn and fresh lemonade too! Jayme found skittle flavored lemonade! We saw a lot of different kinds of boats that were on display, one even looked like an old fashioned car! Deana said her favorite part of the day was seeing all of the boats!

Down by the docks, we saw many fancy boats and a boat building contest! We stopped and watched multiple teams building boats! They had four hours to build their boat. Tomorrow the teams will put their boats to the test and set sail in Lake Michigan to see which boat holds up the best. The travelers enjoyed watching the teams build their boats!

Both groups made their way to all of the booths at the festival before stopping to grab some lunch! We had a choice of brats, hot dogs and pork loins along with chips. Everyone grabbed their found and may their way to the music tent. There were two guys playing pianos and singing! The travelers started singing and dancing away in no time! These guys are known as the N.E.W Dueling Piano Guys! They were great!! It was the perfect lunch entertainment! After we ate, we stayed and listened to the music for a little while longer before heading back to the bus!

After we left the festival, we headed over to Schopf’s Dairy Farm. We started out by taking a few photos in front of the giant cow statue. There were many farm animals for the travelers to pet and feed. Felicia enjoyed the baby goats, and Austin loved visiting the ponies. There were a few calves and piglets to pet as well. We then went inside to watch an informational documentary on dairy farms in Wisconsin. There was also a viewing room full of facts that Melissa read off while we watched cows being milked. Did you know that there are two million milking cows in the U.S? We also learned that a cow eats 90lbs of food a day!  Chris, Susie, Jon, and Michael were all so fascinated by the milking process. We surprised the travelers by giving them an ice cream treat and they loved it! After everyone went through the gift store, we loaded the bus.

Our next activity was a scenic trolley tour. We arrived with plenty of time to go through their gift shop and get some cool souvenirs. Tribecca’s favorite part of the day was all the shopping. The travelers were very excited to get on the trolley and meet our driver/tour guide, John. The trolley was almost everyone’s favorite activity. The tour started in Egg Harbor and we drove through a small town called Juddville, which is so small that it’s not on most maps. We drove past the Peninsula Players Theatre, which at 83 years old, it is the oldest theatre in North America. We then went through Peninsula State Park, which Jonathan thought being in the woods was a comforting feeling. Driver, John stopped the trolley twice to let us  get out, take pictures, and look out at the waters of Green Bay. The first stop was at Sven’s Bluff which was 225 feet above the water, and we saw the Strawberry Islands; Adventure Island, Little Strawberry Island, Jack Island, and Pirate Island which is actually below the water. Austin really enjoyed seeing the islands. The second place that we stopped was by Horseshoe Island. On our way back to the trolley station, we passed by many different small museums. We learned that in Door County there are five state parks and nineteen county parks, which is the most in any county in America. It was a great tour with a lot of beautiful scenery! It was the perfect ending to our day!
After the trolley tour, and everyone thanked our driver, we loaded up the bus to head to dinner. We ate a delicious meal at Shipwrecked Brew Pub. After dinner, we made our way back to the motel where everyone now is resting for our last day in Door County tomorrow.
-Travel Team

Day 3

Hello Courageous Travels!!
We had a wonderful weekend in Door County but we had one more activity on the list before we headed home! We once again had breakfast at our hotel, got the bus packed up and made our way to Sturgeon Bay. We were scheduled to take a boat cruise with the, Ride the Fireboat company! The  travelers were super excited for this cruise! While we were waiting to board, we snapped a group picture in front of the boat. We climbed aboard around 10:15 and grabbed some seats in the shade on the outer deck of a big red boat that was once a Chicago Fire Boat!
The boat is run by Captain Rick and his wife Angel. Angel pointed out different things as we exited the marina. She pointed out the draw bridge that were were about to go under! The travelers loved getting to see the bridge raise! Angel also pointed out some tug boats and barges that were docked. Angel then passed around baskets of suckers for everyone to choose their favorite flavor! We relaxed, enjoyed the breeze and beautiful view as we continued our journey. We saw sail boats, kayaks and speed boats as we made our way further from the marina.
Along our cruise Angel pulled out a real fire hose! She hooked it up and turned it on and we got to take turns holding and spraying the water! Austin was the first in our group to give it a try and he did a great job! Susie, Stacy, Chris, Jonathan, Michael, Jesse and Jayme all gave it a try. Angel told us that it takes a minimum of 3 firefighter to hold a fire hose but 5 is preferred! They are that powerful! We also learned that this 82 year old Fire Boat could spray 10,000 gallons of water per minute and that the water stream could reach up to 22 stories! That was more water and higher than regular firetrucks could do so this boat was a big deal! She also told us that the boat used water from whatever body of water it was on at the time to fight fires, so firefighters had an endless supply of water. Some local fire departments would hook their hoses up to the boat just because they could use so much water if needed.
We continued our cruise along Sturgeon Bay seeing many beaches, lots of trees and even a lighthouse! One our way back to shore we had a limbo contest of the boat! Susie, Michael, Jesse, Stacy, Jonathan, Austin and volunteer Elijah all showed off their limbo skills and everyone who participated got a prize at the end! Another surprise on the way back, was a visit from Fred, the Fire Dog! Fred danced his way across the deck stopping to interact with everyone! Tribecca had a big smile her face when Fred came over to dance with her!
Before we knew it we were back at the marina! We thanked Angel and Captain Rick and said goodbye! We walked across the street to Sonny’s Pizzeria for lunch! The food was delicious and the portions were huge! We sure didn’t walk away hungry! We hopped back on the bus and began our drive back to Iowa. We stopped in Madison at Culver’s to pick up some dinner to go. We also said goodbye to Tribecca and Deana here. We then drove the rest of the way to Camp Courageous, where all of our travelers were picked up. It was a fantastic weekend! Thanks to all of our wonderful travelers for attending this trip and to our volunteers for helping out! We appreciate all of you!
-Travel Team
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