Hawkeye Football Weekend #1

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Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!!

This weekend is the first of two Hawkeye Football weekends!! Today we started our day meeting our 4 travelers in Walcott, IA. Dan, Roger, Jim and Brooke were so excited for a fun filled Hawkeye weekend!

Once everyone was checked in, we made our way to Coralville, IA. here we meet up with volunteer, Demo who was helping us out for the day! Thank you Demi! We went to FRYfest!! FRYfest is a festival all about the Hawkeyes!! There were all kinds of booths with cool Hawkeye gear and even some free things. The travelers got a kinds of reusable bags, pens, temporary tattoos, koozies and more, for free!

The travelers decided to make a loop around the convention center to scope out all of the booths before deciding on what they wanted to purchase. Along our way we stopped to enter some drawings (cross your fingers that we have some winners in our group) and we stopped by a photo booth to take some photos! Each traveler picked out their favorite Hawkeye prop and posed for a picture!

Once we did a loop the travelers were ready to shop! Everyone found some great Hawkeye gear to wear to the game tomorrow! Roger picked out a cool Hawkeye hat, Dan bought a Hawkeye pin, Brooke bought a sweatshirt and pants and Jim picked out a sweatshirt as well.

After we shopped, we hopped in line to get an autograph! Chad Long, former Hawkeye quarterback, was signing autographs and posing for pictures! The travelers each got to get an autograph and visit with Chad for a few minutes before snapping a picture with him!

Afterwards, we passed a both that was offering free customized hats! So we all got to choose what color hat we wanted and what we wanted to put on it! The travelers got to pick from black or white hats and they all chose to label their hats with “Iowa”

Once we placed our hat order we made our way to dinner at Edgewater Grill. Our restaurant was just on the other side of the convention center where FRYfest was taking place so we wheeled right over. Here we met volunteer, Treva who was helping us out this weekend. Thanks Treva!

We had a delicious dinner then headed back to the convention center and picked up our hats. Everyone put on their new hat and got ready for the Pep Rally!

The Hawkeye Marching Band played as they marched to the stage to start the Pep Rally! The Hawkeye Cheerleaders, Dance Team and Herky marched in behind them. The travelers were cheering, clapping and dancing along! It was a great show with lots of energy! You could feel everyone’s excitement!! It really got us pumped up and even more excited for tomorrow’s game!

After the assembly, we said goodbye to Demi and made our way back to camp. We met up with volunteer, Ashley at camp, Ashley drove out from Nebraska to spend the weekends with us. Thanks Ashley for volunteering! Everyone got settled and is now resting up for our big day of tailgating and football!

-Travel Team

Day 2

Hello Courageous Travels!!

We had a fantastic day at the Hawkeye game today! We started off our morning with a delicious breakfast of eggs, pancakes, hash browns and sausage from Darryl’s.

Once we had our fill of food, we finished getting ready, loaded the bus and made our way to Kinnick Stadium!! We had a perfect place to park close to the stadium among a sea of fans dressed in black and gold! We unloaded the bus and set up our Hawkeye tent and began our tailgate party! There was a big crowd of other fans tailgating, music and everyone was cheering for the Hawkeyes! It was a fun energetic atmosphere and we had a fat time!

Brooke and Dan started off our tailgate party with a game of corn hole! Roger and Ashely threw around a football. Jim and Roger then took a turn at corn hole as well. Roger got all 11 bean bags on the hole during one of his games! What a pro!

While we were tailgating, Dave Dierks, our contact for the Hawkeyes, came over to visit the group! We all thanked him for all his generosity and help with getting our tickets. We snapped a group photo with him before saying goodbye.

We brought a mini grill with us and Rolo grilled some burgers for lunch. We had burgers and chips while relaxing under our Hawkeye tent.
After lunch, Roger and Ashely took a stroll around the parking lot to see all of the other tailgaters. They found a group with a jumbo Hawkeye jenga and Roger played a round with them. Soon after it was time to head into the stadium.

We quickly found our seats in a new ADA section and it was a perfect location! We had a great view of the field. The travelers were so excited to watch their Hawkeyes take the field! They were cheering and clapping away! The Hawkeyes were playing against Northern Illinois today and the travelers were hoping for a win!
Dan sang along to the National Anthem along with Roger prior to kick off.

The game started off slow but that didn’t stop our travelers from having a great time! At the end of the 1st quarter, the whole crowd took part in the new tradition for the Hawkeyes, waving to the children at the hospital next door. This is such a great tradition and the travelers enjoyed waving to the kids!

Soon the Hawkeyes scored a field goal and the score was 3-0. Throughout the game, the travelers went to purchase more Hawkeye souvenirs! Jim had been looking forward to popcorn so he got a big bucket and enjoyed every bit of it!

At halftime the Marching Band, Cheerleaders and Dancers came out and performed. The travelers were dancings away! After halftime we grabbed some dinner from the stadium and watched as the Hawkeyes came back ready to win the game! During the game we had some visitors, Brooke’s cousin Kyle stopped by to say hi and some counselors both past and present stopped by to say hello as well.

As the game continued, the Hawkeyes kept scoring points and made some great plays. The Hawkeyes won the game 33-7 and the crowd went wild!! This also game celebrated Kirk Ferentz being the coach with the most wins! The travelers were cheering so loud!! This was Brooke’s first Hawkeye game and she loved it. Roger thanked us for being him to the game. Dan and Jim had a blast as well!

We headed back to the bus and started making our way back to camp. Along the way back we decided to make a stop at Dairy Queen for a treat! We grabbed everyone an ice cream cone and continued our drive to camp. The treat was appreciated by all! It was a great way to end our day!

Once we got to camp, we got showered and ready for bed. Everyone was tired from our fun day and went to sleep right away.

-Travel Team

Day 3

Hello Courageous Travels!
We sure had an amazing weekend full of the Hawkeyes! The travelers loved every minute of it! After we got ready for the day and cleaned up we had a delicious breakfast! After breakfast we loaded up the bus and made our way to Walcott, IA where we dropped off all four of our travelers. Thanks to Roger, Brooke, Dan and Jim for traveling with us and to Demi, Treva, Ashley and Kody for volunteering this weekend!
-Travel Team