Courageous Travels: Hawkeye Football #2

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Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!!
We are heading to our second Iowa Hawkeye Football game this season! The travelers are super excited about this trip! We started off our day greeting first time traveler, Doreen S. at Camp before heading to Coralville. In Coralville, we met Shaila D., Darren C., Sally C. and first time traveler Cody H. Some of the travelers were already decked out in their Hawkeye gear! Cody and Doreen haven’t been to a Hawkeye game before so they can’t wait to experience a game at Kinnick!!
We decided to treat the travelers to some ice cream so after everyone arrived, we went in to McDonald’s and grabbed an ice cream cone. What better way to start off a trip than with dessert!?! Shaila had a big smile on her face when we told her we were getting ice cream! After we enjoyed our treat, we loaded the bus and made our way down the street to Black and Gold, the ultimate Hawkeye Fan shop! They have everything you can think of when it comes to Hawkeye gear! The travelers grabbed some great gear so they can be ready for the game tomorrow!! Cody is a die hard Hawkeye Fan! Pretty much everything he owns is Hawkeye!! Once everyone was happy with their purchases, we made our way next door to Chili’s for dinner.
We had a delicious dinner then loaded the bus and made our way back to camp. Everyone got settled and headed to bed to get some rest for our big day tomorrow!!
-Travel Team

Day 2

Hello Courageous Travels!!

This morning we got ready and the had breakfast in the lodge at Camp Courageous. Thanks to our wonderful kitchen staff for providing us a delicious breakfast! After we ate, we finished getting ready for the day and headed towards West Branch, IA.

We stoped for lunch at Quizno’s and had some delicious subs and tots for lunch. After lunch we went down the road to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum. We explored the museum’s exhibits, watched a movie documentary about Hoover and then checked out the gift shop! The museum’s exhibits showcased Hoover’s life and his accomplishments. We learned that he was born in 1874, worked in mining then went to school at Stanford. He was eventually elected as the 31st President of the United States. There were also exhibits that talked about the stock market crashing, the roaring 20s and farm life in Iowa. There was even a cow statue thst you could practice milking. Doreen thought that was pretty cool. There was also a stand set up to look like a farmers market where you could take free recipe cards. The travelers grabbed some delicious recipes to try when they get home! This was Courageous Travels’ first time visiting this museum and we had a great time!

We then loaded back onto the bus and made our way towards Iowa City! We made a quick stop at Pizza Ranch to pick up some pizzas then drive over to Kinnick. We had a great parking spot right next to the stadium! We unloaded, set up our Hawkeye tent and did some tailgating!! We enjoyed some delicious pizza, played corn hole and of course cheered for the Hawks!!
Darren played Sam in corn hole and won! Sally enjoyed watching all of the fans walk by! They couldn’t wait to watch the Hawkeyes take on Wisconsin!!

Once the gates opened, we went across the street to Kinnick and quickly found our seats! We still had some time before the game started so the travelers did some souvenir shopping!

As the band, Herky and the players came out into the field, the travelers cheered!!! Sally was dancing away while Doreen and Darren cheered for their Hawkeyes! The excitement in the stadium was amazing!! You could feel the energy!!

The Hawkeyes won the coin toss and got the ball first! The travelers were constantly cheering on the Hawkeyes!! They had some good plays but the first quarter ended with the score still 0-0. At the end of the first quarter, the whole crowd took part in the Hawkeye tradition of waving to the children at the hospital next door! Because it was a night game fans turned on their flashlights on their phone and waved them at the kid so they could see us wave. It was neat to see all of the loved twinkling in the night sky!

Wisconsin scored in the 2nd quarter but Iowa followed and scored as well!! The travelers were pumped!!!
Before we knew it, it was half time! The travelers enjoyed listening to the band play and the watching the dancers and cheerleaders! It was a good show!

The Hawkeyes scores a field goal in the 3rd quarter! They moved ahead 10-7! But Wisconsin scores a touchdown toward the end. But that didn’t stop the travelers from cheering for the Hawkeyes!! It worked because the Hawkeyes scored another touchdown with less than two minutes left in the 3rd quarter!! Bringing the score to 17-15, Iowa!!

Wisconsin scores twice at the end of the 4th quarter making the final score, 28-17. It was a good game and the travelers had a blast even tho Iowa didn’t win. After the game, we headed back to camp to get some rest.

– Travel Team

Day 3

Hello Courageous Travels!

We had a blast at the Hawkeye Football game last night! It was a late night but so worth it! This morning, we had another delicious breakfast at Camp Courageous, provided by our kitchen staff. Thanks for a great meal! After we ate, we loaded up the bus and made our way to Coralville. All 5 of our travelers, Doreen, Darren, Sally, Cody and Shaila all got picked up in Coralville at 11:30am. Thanks to our great travelers for a fantastic trip! Thanks to our wonderfull volunteers, Demi, Sam, and Jen for all of your help this weekend!
-Travel Team