Courageous Travels-Sioux Falls, SD Trip

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Day 1

Our day started out at camp with the volunteers Demi Prichard and Treva Guyer met Emma and myself. We set out for Davenport to pick up our travelers. In davenport we picked up Maggie and Cathy. We set out for our second stop in Coralville where we were joined by Nancy B., Nancy Mc, Mike, Mickey, and Jill. Anyone who needed it took a bathroom break. We then traveled to Cedar Rapids where Curtis, Dan and Toni all joined the group. We then traveled on to Ames where we stopped at Arby’s for lunch. During lunch we were joined by our last traveler, Adam. The group then traveled on to Sioux Falls, SD. We arrived in great time and ate a great dinner at Sickie’s Garage Burgers and Brews. After the meal was over the group headed to the Holiday Inn and Suites to check into the hotel. The group checked out the hotel and decided they would like to swim the next day. Everyone relaxed in the room and got ready for bed. The evening came to a close while everyone rested for the fun-filled day that awaited them the next day.

The Travel Team

Day 2

We started off our day at 8 am with breakfast at our hotel. The options included turkey and pork sausage, biscuits and gravy, bagels and muffins, and even an automated pancake machine! After breakfast, Charlotte when to go get the lunch food from the store while the rest of us got the things we needed for the day and socialized with each other downstairs.

When Charlotte got back from the store, we all loaded the bus to go to the Butterfly House and Aquarium. On the way there, Demi started leading some camp songs, and Michael and Nancy B. were the first ones to jump in and sing along. Once we arrived, we unloaded and headed inside, everyone wanted to look at the gift shop first, but we decided to go ahead and go to the aquarium room. The aquarium had some interactive parts to it, including being able to touch starfish, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers in one tank. One of the staff members was positioned behind this tank and explained what all the sea creatures were and reminded us to use a gentle one-finger touch. Further along, there was a tank that looked like a scene from finding Nemo, and everyone stopped to admire bright colors of the fish. In the back corner, there was a tank with a stingray named M.B. That one of the aquarium staff was teaching about the barb on the back of its tail and letting the travelers touch if she swam up to them. We learned that the best place to touch a stingray is on its wings, away from its eyes and tail.

After we finished in the aquarium, we walked through two set of doors to enter the butterfly house. The butterfly house was warm and colorful and, of course, filled with so many different types of butterflies! There were many different flower bushes surrounding the winding paths and hundreds of beautiful butterflies! More than one traveler had a butterfly land on them. One landed on Nancy M’s hat, another on Michael’s leg, on Jill’s arm, and one even tried to sneak out of the door with Cathy! There weren’t just flowers for the butterflies to feed off of, there were also feeders filled with fruit and nectar, like an all you can eat buffet for the butterflies. We looked at a display with multiple types and stages of chrysalises and the butterflies that had recently hatched out of some of them. Once we finished in the butterfly house, we exited into a short hallway with doors at the other end, and were told to inspect each other for butterflies before we went through the next door to the gift shop. All the travelers looked around the gift shop, and most bought something to remind them of their time in butterfly house and aquarium.

Back in the bus, we were headed to our lunch stop at Falls Park. Charlotte made our sandwiches while we explored the area. Falls Park was created by the most recent glacier in America, about 14,000 years ago. Check out our Facebook page to see pictures of all the travelers in front of the waterfalls!

Our after lunch activity was the Sioux Fall Zoo. We split into two groups to travel around and see all the animals. The ladies group especially enjoyed the primates, penguins, giraffes, and zebras! Jill loved the penguins so much! We even got to see them eat fish. Nancy Brown didn’t stop talking about the zebras from the time we walked in, when we saw them, and afterwards! She loves zebras. She also yelled at the monkeys for fighting.
Curtis, Dan and Mickey really liked the all of the animals at the zoo. The tiger was an extra favorite though.

In the pool, Michael, Curtis and Dan splashed and swam with Treva, while those who wanted a more calm time—like Cathy, Adam, and Mickey sat and relaxed until the pizza arrived. Dan, Curtis, Mickey and Mike enjoyed some swimming races. Dan came in first twice and Mickey came in first once. They all had a great time racing and burned off some energy.

After a fun time at the pool, the pizza arrived! Everyone raced to get dressed and sit down to eat. We got four extra large pizzas and one large pizza, and by then end of meal all of the pizzas were gone! All in all we had a great day with happy travelers, and everyone is going sleep really well tonight before a full day of travel tomorrow.

The Travel Team

Day 3