Courageous Travels: SPA Getaway at Riverside Casino

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Day 1

Good Evening,

The day was rainy and blah, but that didnt stop this amazing group of ladies from being excited for the next few days. Emma and I met Jennifer and Mary at Camp. We got them all checked in and we set off to our next stop, Marion Walmart. There we met up with Suzanne, Melissa and and Cassandra. 

They were excited to join the group, especially Suzanne, it is her first trip with Courageous Travels. The group got all checked in and we set off to our next pick up. At McDonald’s in Coralville LeAnne, Charity, Clare, Laurie and Eliana met us with excitement for the next few days of pampering. We arrived at Riverside Golf Resort, Spa and Casino. Here we met with Kathy and Rhonda. 

Our Volunteers, Shannon and Jean met us here as well. We got checked into our rooms and all meet at Robert’s Buffett. Everyone sampled the fine foods available, American, Chinese, Italian, large salad bar and an amazing assortment of desserts. Everyone was pleased with their meal. When the group was finished they wanted to check out the casino. Some made the choice to gamble a little and most learned the word Gamble means you can (and usually do) lose.

The ladies who did choose to gamble only bet a few dollars and were not pleased to lose. They decided to save their money for the gift shop instead. After everyone had checked out the casino they all decided they needed a good night rest for their relaxing day of pampering. Everyone tucked into the soft comfy beds and dreamed of being pampered like a princess!
Check you the Courageous Travels Facebook page to see all the wonderful pictures taken from this SPA getaway!
– The Travel Team

Day 2

Good Morning,

Our second day on our spa trip started with breakfast at the buffet before getting ready for our day at the spa. Each of our travelers had an appointment to get their hair and nails done as well as the opportunity to choose between a pedicure, a facial, or a thirty minute massage. Charity and Melissa chose a 30 minute massage. Jennifer and LeAnne chose pedicures. Eliana and Mary both chose a facial. For lunch we had sandwiches ham and turkey sandwiches with a side Everyone really enjoyed the spa treatments, and we spent most of the day relaxing as everyone’s appointments were spread throughout the day. All of the spa technicians were very friendly, and helped the travelers to make decisions about what color they wanted their nails and how they wanted their hair done. One of the other highlights of the day for most travelers was getting to visit the gift shops we had passed by yesterday. There are three shops, the boutique, a gift shop, and a golf shop. In the golf shop, Cassandra had an opportunity to meet one of the Camp Courageous Board members and had a conversation about Camp Courageous. He even gave Cassandra a discount on her hat! It was so nice to meet one of the community members involved with advocating for Camp Courageous. 

After a long day of being pampered, the travelers got dressed and ready to go to 22 and Vine, one of the restaurants inside Riverside Casino. We had a lovely dinner there and everyone liked what they got. Once dinner was over, some of the travelers decided that they wanted to go to the casino floor and play some of the machines. This was a great educational experience about gambling and money. travelers decided after spending only a short time playing the machines that they were ready to cash out with whatever they had left in the game. 

Overall it was a great day on a successful trip. Tomorrow we will pack up and head back to camp, dropping the travelers off where we picked them up so they can head home.

Check you the Courageous Travels Facebook page to see all the wonderful pictures taken from this SPA getaway!

The Travel team

Day 3

On our last day of the spa trip everyone was up and ready to go to breakfast by 8am. Each group went on their own time and enjoyed a small group company for breakfast.

Travel Companion Jean and her group went first to breakfast. I greeted them and they all told me they slept well and were refreshed.

Travel Companion Shannon and her group were well rested and everyone thanked me for this trip. They all were excited to go home and show their family and friends their spa goody bag and tell them all about the past few days. Emma and I sat with our groups together.

Everyone was visiting about what trips they wanted to go on next. They kept asking me what trips were coming up, trying to get me to give away the locations of trips that have not been posted yet. I told them they would have to look at the web page and see what was available now and we would be posting the rest of 2019 soon.

After breakfast the group gathered their packed luggage and walked to the bus that was waiting right outside. They visited with their friends while we waited for Rhonda and Kathy’s staff to arrive.

When it was time for them to leave they told their friends “bye’ and left with their staff.  We said good bye to our travel companions, Shannon and Jean who live near Riverside. The rest of the travelers loaded into the bus and headed to the McDonald’s in Coralville. Here we said goodbye to Clare, Eliana, Laurie, Charity and LeAnne. They thanked me for the trip and said, “see you next trip”.

After the group was safely with their staff the rest of the group headed to the next stop. Walmart super center in Marion, IA. Here we told Suzanne, Cassandra and Melissa good bye. Their were glad to be home and excited to tell the person who picked them up all about the spa.

The rest of the group headed on to Camp. Once we arrived Jennifer was picked up. Mary Combs on the other hand needed to go to the lodge. She had several people who wanted to see her. Mary visited with her friends in the lodge while her staff unloaded her luggage from the bus.

After Rockstar Mary had visited with half the camp staff she decided it was time to leave. We all told Mary “bye” and she left us too. The travel team cleaned Emmy, filled her with gas then parked her at Wheepy. It was a success trip. It was fun, relaxing and exciting too. I think this will be an annual event for sure!

The Travel Team

A BIG THANK YOU to RIVERSIDE CASINO!!! For all the wonderful amenities for our travelers.