Courageous Travels: Heritage Days at Osborne

Day 1 |

Day 1

The day started early, by 6am Allan F., Greg M., Ralphie F., Ron P., all were loaded in the bus and ready to go. 2 of our travel companions joined us at camp, Sebastian and Brenda. We set out for Davenport where we met LeAnne who was ready for a fun day. We then traveled on to Marion where we were joined by Ann, Terry and another travel companion, Linsian. We set out for Osborne Nature Center, just south of Elkader, IA, for the 44th Annual Heritage days.

After one short bathroom break we arrived at Osborne where we were joined by another travel companion, Sharon. The group decided they wanted to see the animals in the nature center first. Ralphie liked the black bear and kept roaring at it. LeAnn and Greg liked the raccoon that was climbing the fence and playing. Ron discovered there were 2 foxes in the exhibit and Ann said they smelled like a skunk. Terry and Allan liked the owls and the hawks.

After everyone had seen the rescue animals they decided the explore the nature center. The basement of the nature center had various animals indigenous to iowa, turtles, snakes, fish and other taxidermied animals to view. There were a lot of hands on items as well, furs, bones, shells and even a matching game that Ron, Terry, LeAnn and Ralphie enjoyed. When everyone was ready the group made their way upstairs. A band was setting up to play so the group decided to watch and listen. The group played mostly old time songs with bass, mandolin, flat guitar and even a fiddle. The group really enjoyed listening. After a few songs the group decided to move on to lunch.

We walked to the pavilion. Sebastian and I got the lunches from the bus and everyone ate their lunch. By this time a light mist had begun and everyone agreed we would walk around and see the demonstrations and exhibits but if the rain got harder we would be forced to leave. Well, the rain held off and the group walked around and saw how to make rope, how to make bales of straw, how the blacksmith would stoke his fire to get the metal hot enough to bend. The group even got to see some boy scouts make Carmel corn in a big kettle. Everyone bought a big bag of Carmel corn after this demonstration.

The group then moved on to the only original building at Osborne. There they saw a 1800 printing press that was printing pages about Heritage days. This building also had ladies making cotton into string, string into fabric, fabric into quilts. It was interesting to see the progress.

When the group had seen all they could see and endured all the misty weather they wanted we loaded up and drove to Backbone State park. As we drove through the park we saw wildlife, beautiful leaves changing color and a beach full of Canadian Geese, none of which were I was the cold water. When the tour of the park was over we headed to Pizza Ranch I. Manchester, IA. The owner, Brad is a great supporter of Camp Courageous and loves to host the Trackers every year for some wood working skills. Brad met the group and made sure everyone was taken care of when we arrived. Everyone had their fill and we moved o I to our first stop, Marion Walmart where we said good bye to Terry and Ann. We then moved on to Davenport where LeAnn left the group. The rest of the group Allen, Ralphie, Greg, and Ronnie were all picked up at camp. The travelers didnt let a little mist stop them from having a great outing, they all had a great day!

~The Travel Team

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    Yeah Ralph, show that bear whose boss.