Courageous Travels: Lincoln, NE Trip!

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Day 1

Good Evening Courageous Travelers,

It is time to get on the road again and this time to Nebraska. A trip to Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska. We have always passed through this city, but never stopped, so it was time to visit. We have a jam-packed weekend, and the weather is going to be in the 70’s! It should be a great trip.
We started off our day at camp. We had check-in and travelers New Traveler Rita, David, and Dirk met the Travel team. Thank you to Charlotte and Melissa for helping with check-in and getting the three travelers ready to leave. Once we were finished, we made our way to the Marion Walmart. Here we met Terry Y. and Andrew. They were ready for their vacation. They hopped on board and before we knew it, we were heading for Coralville.
We arrived at the Coralville Mcdonalds 15 minutes early and travelers Dawn, Terry H., New Traveler Jonathan, and Cindy met us. We also met travel companion Eric Schneiders. They approached the bus and we greeted them with open arms. Cindy and Rita are sisters, so they have been waiting a long time to go on a trip together. They wouldn’t travel without each other.
After we loaded the bus and said our goodbyes to their staff, we made our way to Newton Iowa. We stopped at the Pizza Ranch in Newton, where we met our final travelers Chris and New Traveler Courtney. We then made our way into Pizza Ranch for a delicious lunch. Once we had our fill, we hopped back on the bus and made our way to Lincoln.
It was about 3 1/2 hours to Lincoln from Newton, so it was not a bad drive at all. The travelers watched two movies. School of Rock and RIO. We made one stop and it was for a restroom break.
We arrived in Lincoln around 4:25pm and went straight to the hotel. We unloaded the luggage, checked into our rooms and were greeted by the nicest staff at MainStay Suites. The Activity Director Anne, met part of our group and really enjoyed seeing us here. Her daughter Meghan who is 17 has Down Syndrome. So Anne was so happy to see our group on vacation. We talked about Lincoln, her daughter, and what we were doing throughout the weekend. After we talked, I took the rest of the group up to their rooms. We then were surprised by Anne. She brought up a jar of chocolate so we could enjoy after dinner. There is also free cookies and fruit in the lobby, that most of our travelers grabbed for later.
Once we got settled into our rooms, travel companion Ashley Peterson (who lives in Lincoln) is volunteering this weekend, showed up and met the whole group. The group was excited to see her. We then made our way to dinner. Our dinner place was called Runza. It is a famous fast-food restaurant in Nebraska. So we all ate our Runza’s, chicken strips, and burgers. The travelers were happy.
After dinner, I passed out the chocolate to those who could have it and made our way to the hotel. It was still early, so we decided it would be nice to go for a swim. Everyone got in their swim gear and made their way to the pool. We had travelers dancing, singing, doing tricks in the pool. Some just relaxed in the hot tub. It was a fun evening and the travelers sured enjoyed the surprise swim.
We swam for a good while and then made our way to our rooms. We are all now settled and getting rest for tomorrows big day in Lincoln.
It will be a busy city, since Nebraska Huskers are playing a make up game. So we will see a lot of Red tomorrow! Stay tuned to more pictures and videos on our Courageous Travels Facebook page.
The Travel Team


Day 2

Good Evening Courageous Travels,

The group had such a great night. They were well rested and had a good breakfast to start off the day right. Today was so beautiful, the sun was shining bright and there was RED everywhere!! Today was a make-up game for the Cornhuskers, since we were going downtown, the stadium is downtown, so all the husker fans were everywhere. The traffic wasn’t too bad when we reached the Historic Haymarket. This was the first place we visited. Haymarket is full of shops and restaurants and it is the made hub for the majority of husker fans to hang out.
We arrived at the Haymarket and we had an easy drop-off. I dropped the group off close to one of the gift shops. The travelers had their chance to buy souvenirs of Nebraska, cornhuskers gear, and any other souvenirs that caught their eyes. One place we went into was a Husker Museum. The gentlemen had tons of Husker memorabilia. The group got to explore the museum and see all the signed posters and helmets, it was a neat museum.
Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. Right across the street was a restaurant called Screamers. There was no screaming involved. It was a restaurant where the waiters and owner sang to the guests. Knowing this group pretty well and all their wonderful singing voices on the way to Lincoln, we knew they would love this place and they sure did! The owner greeted us and got our table ready quickly. We ordered some delicious food and had the chance of the owner and waiter to sing to us. Travelers David and the Moore sisters stood up right away and started dancing. It was priceless. Every song they played, you would see these three jumping out of their chairs to dance with the singers. The other travelers would be caught dancing at the table. Everyone had a smile on their faces. One of the last songs the owner sang was an Elvis song. This was recommended by the Moore sisters, so they both walked up on stage and sang with the owner. It was great to see!
Our food then arrived and we enjoyed our lunch. It was really good food and the travelers tore it up. Once we were done, we made our way to the State Capitol, where we took a private tour. We learned so much about the Capitol building. There are 12 awesome mosaics that display the Nebraska agriculture and history of Nebraska. There were 3 Capitol buildings built, but two of them kalapsed do to the weak limestone. There was also a chandelier that had 1,036 light bulbs! The employees clean and replace these bulbs once a year. The last thing we learned was at the top of the building the statue is used as a Lighting Rod. Traveler Terry, mentioned how the Capitol looked a lot like a church and he was right.
After our tour, we thanked the tour guide and made our way to the 14th floor of the building. Here we got to witness the beauty of the city and see as far as our eyes could see. The Fall colors were breathtaking. Thank goodness for a 70 degree day! We even had a chance to see a few fireworks from the Nebraska game. It was great view. When we were done, we made our way back down and we met a security guard who showed us a fountain and a court yard. We were really grateful for that.
Once we were done visiting, we made our way to the Nebraska History Museum. It is a free museum in Lincoln, close to the University. There are two floors of fun. Some of the groups started on the second floor and liked reading about the history of Nebraska. The first floor was all about Racecars. It was a fun little stop. We even had a chance to go to the gift shop. Our groups love shopping!
We then loaded the bus, ate some chocolate, and made our way to the Hotel to rest. We decided to rest for an hour, before our evening Hockey game.
Before we knew it, it was time to head to the Hockey Game. The game was the Tri-City Storm Vs. The Lincoln Stars. When we arrived, we were greeted by Harrison the group specialist. He handed us our tickets and reminded us the plan for the evening. We got great seats, with unlimited burgers, grilled chicken sandwich, hotdogs, and shredded pork sandwiches served with unlimited fountain drinks. To top it off Harrison gave every traveler and travel companion a free t-shirt. They were yellow like the Hawkeyes, and Harrison mentioned that! It was awesome!
It was a great game. The travelers were so pumped up, they cheered the entire time. They even danced to their favorite songs. The Stars were the first ones to score and then in the second period, the Storms scored back, tying the game 1 to 1. The game went three periods and an extra 3 on 3, because the score was still tied. After the 3 on 3, which was only 5 minutes. The two teams challenged each other during a shoot out. The Storm shot three times and hit two goals and the Stars shot three but didn’t make any. The final, the Tr-City Storm 2 and the Lincoln Stars 1. It was a hard fought game and the Stars played hard. Despite the loss, the travelers still had a great time. Shaken the players hands when they got on and off the ice.
What a great day we had in Lincoln. The travelers and travel companions had such a great time. We are back at the hotel, getting rest, so we can be ready to head out in the morning.
Have a great night everyone!
The Travel Team

Day 3

Good evening Courageous Travels!

What a wonderful weekend we had in Lincoln! There was something for everyone, including a zoo experience! Traveler, Cindy asked for the zoo since she first arrived of Friday. Before we made our way out, we had a great breakfast and checked out of our hotel. We packed up our bus and made our way to Ashland, NE.

Ashland was only 25 minutes from Lincoln, so we had a quick drive. The zoo experience was actually a Wildlife Safari Reserve! As soon as we arrived, everyone cheered for joy! We stayed in the bus for the majority of the experience. The animals we saw in the reserve were elk, white tailed deer, bison, bald eagles, and goats. We even saw a carotid birds too! They also had bears and wolves but we didn’t see any today. During our tour of the reserve, travel companion, Ashley read many fun facts about the different animals.

As we approached some of the animals, like the elk, you could hear traveler, David, shouting with excitement! The elk was getting closer! Traveler Cindy enjoyed enjoyed petting the goats and brushing their fur. Travelers Chris, Terry H., Courtney, Jonathan and travel companion, Eric went up a tower to see the open territory of the reserve!

After looking around, we got back in the bus and finished our tour by seeing all of the bison! There were a ton of bison and we got really close to them! After seeing all of the animals, we made our way to the visitor’s center. Here we got to buy our favorite souvenirs! The visitor’s center also had some animals on display such as birds and snakes. Traveler Courtney really wanted to take a snack home!

Once we were done, we hopped back on the bus and made our way to Subway for lunch.
After Subway, we said our goodbyes to travel companion, Ashley. Travelers Dawn, Rita and Cindy gave her a big hug and thanked her for hanging out with them. We hopped on the bus and started our drive back to Iowa. We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Looney Tunes.

We stopped in Altoona for a restroom break and dropped of traveler, Courtney. She had such a great first trip! We then made our way to our second drop off in Newton, IA, where we said goodbye to Chris. Chris loves every part of the weekend.

Finally, we made it to Coralville, where we had dinner at Culver’s and ice cream at McDonald’s! We said our goodbyes to travelers, Jonathan, Rita, Cindy, Dawn and Terry H. Jonathan said he is looking forward to his next trip, Cancun! Cindy and Rita can’t wait to go see Elvis! Dawn and Terry had such a fun time! We also said thank you and good bye to travel companion, Eric!

We then made our way to Marion, where we dropped off Andrew and Terry Y. They both had a great time this weekend and did very well on the trip. Finally, we made it back to Camp Courageous, where we said goodbye to Dirk and David. Dirk always gave a thumbs up and a hive five through the weekend. David sure loved singing to us this weekend!

Thank you so much to the travelers and travel companions! It was such a fantastic weekend Nebraska!


Travel Team