Green Bay Packers (Custom) Trip

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Day 1

Good Evening Courageous Travelers,

Courageous Travels is exploring a new way of travel. It is a custom made trip for individuals who would like to travel but not in a group setting.
Jeremiah G. works at Camp Courageous and is a BIG Green Bay Packers Fan. He came to Travel Director Rolando Morales and asked if Rolando would plan a weekend football game experience for himself and if Courageous Travels can take him to the game. Rolando and Jeremiah searched what weekends would work best and they chose the Green Bay Packers vs. the Miami Dolphins game on November 11th. The planning process began, Jeremiah received the information, and he booked his trip. This is Jeremiah’s first Green Bay Packer game. This is his dream vacation.
Rolando picked up Jeremiah from his house at 6pm and he was looking out his door in his Wisconsin Badgers gear/Green Bay Packers gear in anticipation. Jeremiah is pumped up for this weekend. From Monticello, IA to Green Bay, WI it took us 4 hours. We didn’t even stop. About an hour into the drive, Jeremiah was fast asleep. He slept for he rest of the drive, while Rolando drove to Green Bay. It was a great drive. Not much traffic and some classic songs on the radio.
We arrived at the hotel, Comfort Suites, 8 minutes after 10pm. The hotel is only 8 minutes from Lambeau Field and provides transportation to and from the stadium. We are pretty pumped up about this! We checked into our room, got settled and now we are resting for the night.
Tomorrow is the big day and Jeremiah is ready to cheer on his Packers team!! Stay tuned to pictures and videos on Facebook from this trip.
Take care,
-Courageous Travels


Day 2

Good Evening Courageous Travelers,

What an amazing day Jeremiah and I had in Green Bay at Lambeau field. All Jeremiah thought about was the game. We started the day with a delicious breakfast and made our way back t the room to relax. The game time moved from noon to a 3:25pm Kick-off time. While we were resting, we got all our Packer gear on. Well, Jeremiah got all his pack gear on. After we were done getting ready, we made our way to the restaurant lobby, where we hopped on a Packer Bus shuttle. The shuttle dropped us off close to Lambeau field, an 8 minute walk.
As soon as we were off the bus, Jeremiah wanted to head straight to Lambeau field. We walked over and checked out some of the free booths that were outside of the stadium. We had some free food samples and some free gifts. We then made our way into Johnsonville Tailgate Village, where we listened to some music and grab a bite to eat and a drink. As soon as the doors opened at Lambeau field, Jeremiah was paying close attention to this and he said “Let’s go, the doors are open!” He couldn’t wait to go into Lambeau. Jeremiah has been waiting a long time to watch a Packer game live and the moment has come.
Once we entered Lambeau, we made our way straight to the Packer Pro Shop. Jeremiah searched that entire store and made sure he picked out the things he really wanted. He is a very good shopper. Very focused on what he truly wants for his house and future game day gear. After about an hour of looking around and buying his souvenirs. It was time to find our seats.
We entered the stands right away and found our seats quickly. Both teams were out on the field warming up and getting loose. After while the players went into the locker room to get ready for the start of the game. We took lots of pictures right by the field and took in the ambiance. Jeremiah was in football heaven!
Before we knew it, Miami Dolphins players came out and then we started to chant Go Pack Go and welcome the Green Bay Packers onto the field. After reciting the National Anthem (Happy Veterans day!), and watching 3 fighter jets pass over the stadium, it was time to watch the Green Bay Packers vs. the Miami Dolphins. Jeremiah was all set for his first live NFL game! We cheered, booed, danced, did the wave, and met some awesome people. Two from North Dakota and Two from Australia. As the Packers scored touchdowns, we clapped hands and enjoyed praising the packs. The Dolphins scored some points too, but the Packers scored more. The Packers eventually won 31 to 12. It was a huge win for the Packers.
Jeremiah really enjoyed every minute. Meaning, we didn’t leave our seats from the moment we entered the field to when we left after the game. Jeremiah did not want to miss one play. It was great. Once we cheered on our Packers and celebrated a Packer victory it was time to head out. We had a quick restroom break and then made our way back to the bus.
The bus was waiting for us as we were leaving from the stadium. We hopped on and the driver was ready to head out. We were then dropped off at our hotel, walked to our room, and dropped off our things.  We didn’t eat dinner at the stadium, so we made our way to the 1919 restaurant to have our evening meal. It was delicious!
We are now back in our room and Jeremiah is exhausted from the game of a lifetime. Tomorrow, we have breakfast, and make our way back to Monticello.

-Courageous Travels

Day 3

Good Evening Courageous Travelers,

What a great weekend! Even though we went for one reason, we still had a great time these past three days!

Today was no different. I told Jeremiah he could sleep in and wake up when he was ready too. He took full advantage! Breakfast was almost done when he woke up! But no worries, breakfast was brought right up to his room! So essentially he had room service! That’s what happens when the packers win.

After he got ready for the day, we made our journey back to Monticello. Jeremiah mentioned last night that we couldn’t leave Wisconsin without “getting real cheese curds. You know, the ones that really squeak! Those are real cheese curds.”

So we were on a mission to get Cheese Curds. We picked two places to go get curds and these places were on the way. The first place, ended up not being where we thought it might be, so we traveled to the second place. When we got there; there was a sign on the door that read close, head to the Piggly Wiggly! Since we on the mission for the “squeaky” cheese curds we must go. Finally!! We found the cheese curds! The “squeaky” cheese curds! It was a successful mission and like the packers win, we were winners too!

After we bought our curds, we made our way to Madison. Jeremiah looks at me…”do you like Culver’s?” I look at him…”why yes, yes I do!” Haven’t you read many of our blogs!! Culver’s is a hot item! 😉.

So we stopped at Culver’s and we filled up on butter burgers, fries, “squeaky” cheese curds, chili and chicken strips! It was a delicious meal!

Once we were done we made our final drive back to Monticello. It was a great drive, telling stories of hunting, fishing and Kayaking and singing to classic rock songs! We kept entertained.

We made it back to Monticello around 3:30pm and I dropped Jeremiah off at the front door! We said our thanks and I said see you at work Wednesday! He was all smiles the entire day and once he was home! His packers won and he got cheese curds! Jeremiah is truly a “Cheese Head champion!”

It was such a great trip and a memorable one for Jeremiah. Even though we are group vacation specialists. We can do any type of trip for anyone and anywhere. It truly was a special time for Jeremiah. He got to plan his dream trip and it was all about him.

Courageous Travels is here to create magic moments for our travelers, no matter what the occasion may be.


“Keep Traveling My Friends!”

-Courageous Travels