Courageous Travels: Milwaukee Bucks Trip!

Day 1

Day 1

Good Evening Courageous Travelers,

Milwaukee Bucks basketball is all this group of travelers have been talking about since they started boarding the bus.

Travel staff Melissa and Emma headed out first thing in the morning for Walcott to pick up the first round of travelers. Jaime, Doug, and Harrison. They also picked up travel companion Nila.

Once loaded, the group made their way to Coralville. Here they greeted Chris S., Austin, Stephen, Bev and Abraham. They moved on to Marion to greet and pickup Toni and Charlie.

After all the pickups the travelers made it back to camp. Everyone was super excited to be back at Camp Courageous. A HUGE thank you to our dietary staff for making an excellent lunch and serving our group! The travelers were pumped up for hotdogs! There was also special fries that were made for the group, THANK YOU! It was awesome to see some of the counselors come up to the travelers and say hi to those they had at camp in the past.

Soon after the group started eating. Travelers Greg, Ralphie, and Allan showed up! They were ready for a fun trip as well as a delicious lunch. So they picked out their food and enjoyed the lunch at camp.

Before we knew it, we were loading the bus and making our way to Milwaukee. We had one stop along the way. It was at a Phillips 66 where we topped off the gas, used restrooms and met our final traveler Lisa. She loves sporting events, so Lisa couldn’t wait to go. After we finished, we bordered the bus and made our final trek to Milwaukee.

Traffic was pretty tight as we got closer to this fun city, but we finally made it to the Fiserv Forum, the new basketball stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks! It was a cool looking building.

We arrived a little bit before 5:30, so we waited on the bus for a few minutes before entering the building since the doors opened at 5:30. Once it was time, the group unloaded, cheering “Go Bucks”! They were ready for the game.

While the group took pictures before going in, Travel Companion Audra came on by to hang out with the group. Audra lives in Milwaukee, so it works great that she gets to hang out with us. She was working closely with Doug, Charlie, and Abraham.

As we entered the stadium, we were greeted with smiles and helpful hosts. There was one person ready with a wheelchair for Abraham and another person to show us where our ADA seats were. Every staff we encountered were fantastic. They were so nice and kind. They wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. It was great. Not a lot of stadiums have outstanding staff, so I wanted to make sure to highlight their excellent service. They even gave out free Bucks hats!! It was military service week, so it had a soldier like feel to the hat and the Bucks logo was on it.

The Bucks were playing the Memphis Grizzles and the game started promptly at 7pm. Our travelers were already cheer loud for the Bucks! Lisa, Jamie, and Toni were yellowing “Go Bucks”. While Doug and Allan were watching the game and concentrating on every move the players took.

After a few minutes of play, the group was asked what they wanted for dinner. The majority of the group chose hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or hotdogs, with fries and a drink and that’s what they got.

For most of the game the Memphis Grizzlies were in the lead, making all of their shots. The Bucks kept on their tail and made sure to keep the score within ten or closer. During the game, the Bucks mascot Bango came rolling by on a segway. He was fast! But he purposely stopped by our group and made himself known. Chris, Austin and Abraham got really excited about this and gave Bango some big high fives and took some pictures with the human like deer! It was cool!

Charlie and Harrison were asking if shopping was in store and it sure was! So every group bought Bucks gear. Charlie got his T-shirt and scarfs, while some got basketballs and other trinkets.

After they finished their shopping. It was getting close to the end of the game and it was a nail biter! The game was so close, but the Grizzlies came out on top. But don’t worry, everyone had an amazing time. Ralphie was dancing, Greg was watching intently, Stephen enjoyed talking about home and his free hat that he got. Bev really enjoyed the company. The travel companions really enjoyed hanging out with their friends! Everyone had a great time!

Before we knew it, it was time to go. We said our goodbyes to Audra in Milwaukee and then we said our goodbyes to Lisa in Madison.

We made it back to camp in the early morning, and got settled in the cabin for some needed sleep.

When the group gets up we will have breakfast from our dedicated dietary team and head out to drop off our travelers.

On behalf of the Travel team and travel companions…Thank you travelers for joining us on this amazing trip to watch the Milwaukee Bucks!

“Keep traveling my friends!”

-Courageous Travels