Courageous Travels: UNI Football Trip!

Day 1

Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!!

Today we had planned to go to the Festival of Trees parade in Davenport before heading to Cedar Falls for the UNI football game. But because of the snow, we decided to postpone the trip a little to allow time for the snow to pass and the roads to be cleared so all of our travelers and travel companions could travel safely.

The Travel Team and travel companion, Shane met at camp at 9:30am and headed towards Davenport. We meet Harrison, Mike C., Ricky and Steven in Davenport. These guys were pumped for the game! We then made our way to Coralville, where we met travelers Mallory, Austin, Dennis, Tom, Brandon, Shaila. Andrew and travel companion, Hannah. This group was all smiles and couldn’t wait to get to to the UNI Dome!

Our next stop was Marion, here we met travelers Sara and Mike R. When the made our way to Camp Courageous where we met travelers Greg, Ralphie, Allan and Jimmy along with travel companions Treva and Carolyn.

Once the whole group was on the bus we all cheered for the UNI Panthers and wished traveler Mallory a “Happy Birthday!” Thanks for spending you birthday with us, Mallory! We hope you had a fantastic time! We sang “Happy Birthday to Mallory too before heading out towards Cedar Falls!

We arrived at the UNI Dome before we knew it! We snapped a group picture before heading inside and finding our seats! We had really great seats with a regency view of the field! Thanks to the UNI Athletics Department for helping make this trip happen for our travelers!

Shortly after settling into our seats, we grabbed some dinner! Most of the group ordered hot dogs while a few other choose pizza! While ordering our food we notice donation containers with Camp Courageous on them so we asked the girl helping us about that. They told us that their organization, Rainbows for Girls, choose Camp Courageous as their charity. So they will be dontating all of the money the receive to camp! How cool is that? So we made sure to keep going back to their line to show our appreciation! We then enjoyed our dinner while watching the Panthers take the lead over Missouri State!

Each time the Panthers scored a touchdown, the travelers cheered! The Panthers were leading 20-0 at halftime!! During halftime, we watched the band and dance team perform! They sure put on a great performance!

After halftime, the travelers checked out the gift shop! They chose their favorite purple and gold Panther souvenirs and couldn’t wait to show
everyone what they got! Ralphie was so excited about his new shirt that he changed into it after he bought it! Tom couldn’t decide and had purchased a little of everything! He was decked out in Panther gear! Travelers also grabbed some snacks! Mallory, Sara and Mike R. had to try the cool purple and yellow twist ice cream! They all said it was delicious! Others chose nachos, popcorn or Italian ice.

The Panthers started off the 3rd quarter with a touchdown! What a great way to start the second half of the game! The Panthers continued to play well and scored a few more times!! Jimmy said he had so much fun at the game! The travelers were so excited when the Panthers won 37-0!! They all cheered and clapped!! What a great game!!

We then loaded the bus and made our way to Cedar Rapids, where we said goodbye to Sara, Mike R. and Steven. We then made our way to Coralville where we said goodbye to Dennis, Andrew, Mallory, Tom, Shaila, Brandon, Harrison, Mile C., Rickey, Austin and travel companion Hannah.

We then made our way back to Camp Courageous, where we said goodbye to Greg, Ralphie, Allan, Jimmy and Matt. We also said good bye to travel companions Treva, Carolyn and Shane.

Thanks to all of our travelers and travel companions for a great trip! We can’t wait to travel with you all again!

– Travel Team