Courageous Travels: WWE Flash Trip!

Day 1

Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!!

Today is an exciting day for our travelers! They have been looking forward to today for weeks! Why? Because today is the day for the WWE Flash Trip!!

Travel Team members Melissa and Emma along with Travel Companion Carolyn started off the trip by picking up travelers Jamie, Matt and Harrison  in Walcott. We then headed to Coralville where we met travelers Ben, Melissa, Tessie and Kelvin.

Meanwhile Travel Team Member Charlotte and Travel Companions Shane, Diane, Antwan and Brandi met the rest of the travelers at Camp Courageous. This group of travelers consisted of Adam, Jeff, Brad, Greg, Allen, Ralphie, Ron, Caleb and Max.

The two groups them met up at Pizza Ranch in Cedar Raids for dinner. We also met traveler Mark and travel companion Amelia there as well.

We had a delicious dinner and all the group could talk about was WWE!! On the drive over a few of the travelers came up with their own wrestling names for themselves!
Some of the names were Rambling Ron, Wreck it Ralphie, Amazing Adam, Bad Boy Brad and the Yin Yang Twins (Max and Caleb).

After everyone was finished with  dinner, we loaded up the buses and made our way to the U.S. Cellular Center. When we arrived, we got into our groups and made our way into the arena and found our seats. We had some time before the event started so the groups took advantage of the short lines and did some shopping! Most of the travelers found something they couldn’t live without!

Before we knew it, it was time for the show to begin! After the National Anthem, the matches began! First up was a group called The New Day vs The Bar. The New Day came out throwing pancakes to the crowd! Both sides put up a good fight but The Bar came out on top!

The next match consisted of Aiden English and Shelton Benjamin. Most of the group booed when Aiden came out so they were excited the Shelton won the match! Ben, Harrison and Tessie new all about most of the stars  and were sharing facts with those of us who aren’t as familiar with these stars.

The 3rd match was a 6 man tag match between Gallows Anderson, Shelton Benjamin and Aiden English. This was an exciting match as the 6 men battled it out! Gallows Anderson came out victorious and the crowd went wild!! Ron and Adam were cheering and shaking their fists in the air during most matches!

The 4th match was a women’s match between The Iconics, Lana and Carmela. These ladies sure battled it out. The travelers weren’t sure who was going to win but Lana end up taking the win!!

The 5th match was another ladies duel! This time it was Charlotte Flair vs Asura! These ladies were intense. At one point the crowd began to chant “let’s go Charlotte” so some of our travelers cheered and chanted for our Charlotte! Brad was on the edge of his seat during this match! This was a really long match but Charlotte Flair won in the end!!

The 6th match was Jeff Hardy vs In My Viens. The crowd went wild when Jeff Hardy walked to the ring!! The matched started and Jeff Hardy’s rag line “delete” was being changed by everyone!! You could feel the excitement in the room!!

After a short intermission, the matches started up again. Leading off the second half was R Truth vs Cien. R Truth’s tag line is  “what’s up” so the crowd repeatedly chants this while he entered the ring and taunted his opponent! R Truth won this match and the whole arena cheered!!!

Next up was the triple threat contest!!  This match was Samoa Joe vs Rusev vs the current USA champion, Shinsuke Nakamura! It was a tough match but in the end Shinsuke won and held onto his title of USA Champion!!

The main event was up next!! This match up was The Miz vs AJ Styles!! The crowd seemed to favor AJ Styles. Everyone got a kick out of when AJ Styles put on The Miz’ outfit without him knowing! The travelers were thrilled when AJ Styles one the last match of the night!

After the final match, everyone headed down to the buses. One bus headed back to camp while the other bus dropped off travelers in Cedar Rapids and Coralville.

Thanks to the travelers and travel companions for another wonderful trip!!

-Travel Team