Courageous Travels: Meal & Show: Elf

Day 1

Day 1

Hello Courageous Travels!!

Today was our last trip of the year and we sure had a blast! We started off our day meeting travel companions Carolyn, Treva and ReAnna at Camp Courageous. We then made our way to Coralville. Here we met travelers Paula, Tom, Jeff, Maria, Chad, Darren and Shaila along with travel companions Tara, Nila and Eric.

Once everyone was loaded on to the bus, we made our way to Cedar Rapids. Everyone was excited about seeing the Elf performance!! We listened to Christmas music along the way to get ready for the performance!

We stopped for lunch at Pizza Ranch and also met traveler Terry and travel companion Kaleb here. We had a delicious lunch! Once everyone their fill of pizza and chicken we loaded back into the bus and headed to Theatre Cedar Rapids.

When we arrived at the theatre we met travelers Frank and Gary. We then visited in the lobby and took pictures with the beautifully decorated Christmas trees while we waited for the doors to open. Travelers Tom, Maria and Jeff bought elf ear headbands!

Before we knew it, the doors opened and we quickly found our seats. We had a great view and we couldn’t wait for the show to start! Maria said she hadn’t watched the movie Elf before so she was excited to see this performance.

The show started and everyone loved  it from the beginning! Santa Claus came on stage and began telling us the story of Buddy the Elf. We learned that Buddy found out he was human and traveled to New York City to find his father.

Buddy not only found his father but also a brother and step mother! We watched as Buddy tried to fill everyone with his happiness and Christmas spirit! On his journey he met an elf working at a local store and quickly fell in love her.

Buddy heard that Santa was in trouble because his sleigh crashed due to lack of Christmas spirit so he gather his friends and encouraged them to believe! One by one people’s belief in Santa returned, even Buddy’s father! Everyone saying together, including all of us in the audience! It was so fun! It “snowed” in the theater and we all sang together. What a great way to get in the Christmas spirit with Christmas being about a week away!!

The travelers had a great time at the show! Darren and Gary said they loved it!! Tom was laughing the whole time! Shaila had a big smile on her face when it started snowing! After the show Paula, Shaila and Darren got to take a picture with Santa!

We said goodbye to Frank, Terry, Carolyn and Kaleb then loaded up the bus and made our way to Coralville. We said goodbye to Darren, Shaila, Paula, Tom, Jeff, Gary, Maria and Chad, Tara, Nila, Amelia and Eric.

We then made our way back to camp and said goodbye to ReAnna and Treva. Thanks to all of our travelers and travel companions for joining us on this trip! What a great way to end 2018!!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we can’t wait to travel with you all in 2019!

The Courageous Travels Team