Camp Courageous Auditor Kevin Ballard Retires from Hogan – Hansen, P.C.

Hogan Hansen

Upon coming to Camp Courageous in 1980, one of my first moves was to obtain an outside financial auditing firm to audit the camp’s finances. Board Member Merle Hennessey introduced Camp Courageous to John Botkins, who had an accounting and auditing firm in Cedar Rapids, and thus began a relationship that has lasted nearly 40 years. John eventually joined with Den Hartog & Hogan, which then became Hogan – Hansen, P.C. Kevin Ballard (right) joined John Botkin at Hogan – Hansen in 1986 and has spent the past 33 years as a partner in the firm and overseeing Camp Courageous’ audit. We congratulate Kevin on his recent retirement. At the retirement reception for Kevin, it was wonderful to visit with dozens of fellow workers and clients who spoke so glowingly of Kevin being such a caring, exceptional, and hard-working leader. His talents and personality will be dearly missed at Hogan – Hansen.

Camp Courageous would also like to congratulate Camp Courageous’ auditor since 2005, Jennifer Decker, who has now become a partner in Hogan – Hansen and manages the Cedar Rapids location. Jennifer is a wonderful auditor, a diligent worker, and sharp individual. Outside the office, she is dedicated to her family and gives back to their church, the children’s school, and the community. We are so happy for Jennifer.

Also in the picture is Eric Hanna (left). Eric has been with Hogan – Hansen since 2012 and has been very involved in Camp Courageous’ audit. He has transitioned into the position of Senior Tax Manager. Eric, too, has been a wonderful supporter of Camp Courageous and was a past winner of the trip for two to Hawaii at the Pineapple Gala.

No one knows more about Camp Courageous than the camp’s auditors. Not only do they sift through files, drawers, and computers full of financial information, but they also receive a daily report summarizing the day at Camp Courageous. When Camp Courageous’ auditors and their firm are among the camp’s major donors, it speaks volumes to the best use of the donor’s contributions.


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