Camp Courageous camper photos online at flickr

Camper photos can be found from a link on the Camp Courageous web site on the flicker photo service. This allows everyone to see what the campers do while they are attending camp.

Throughout each camper week, camp staff take pictures of various campers as they participate in activities. Camper weeks are uploaded into “sets” on the flickr web site. Anyone can view these camper photos on the flickr web site. If you have a flickr account then you can comment and mark favorites. Photos are available in various image sizes.

Camp Courageous hopes that parents, guardians, staff, supporters, and others enjoy access to these photos.

1 Response

  1. Carol says:

    I hope there are some picture from the campers week of 7/18! Alec had an awesome time! I love looking at all of the pictures.